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Divya Dhillon

Deleon Communications owner and PR Professional

"I am not smart enough, I am not good enough! He knows so much more than me! She knows how to handle a crisis situation! I will never know how to talk to clients or make brand strategies!

With these thoughts, I started my career. Thinking I am the dumbest. And to be honest I was dumb but in other words, it is also called lack of exposure!

I did fall a lot of times. I remember once I had to give a presentation in front of a client and what came out of my mouth was ah, umm, and nothing but mere random stupid words. It was embarrassing, too embarrassing! Later, I overheard my boss saying this girl doesn't even know how to talk in English!

The 2015 Divya will be in utter shock to see Divya 2020! The one who is running her own PR and Digital Marketing Agency. Dealing with clients, getting business, working on brand strategies! With time,

If you ask me how did I come to this stage, I will say by losing hope at every second of my life, by thinking that I am not good enough, by giving up every now and then. But these failures taught me, embarrassing myself (understanding the rationale behind it) taught me. That you have it in you, you just need polishing, and that doesn't come early, it comes with time. And I am still learning.

Its the experience, building the right network, that has brought me here in a position that I know I can handle anything. Realized this is something that you can't expect from yourself in the beginning.

I ask, what am I scared of? I tell myself, we are humans, here on Earth not to take stress, stress which is also man-made! Just to earn money why to drag your ass every day and stress. Just keep living, enjoying the journey, grow, and earn money that matters."


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