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Ekta Capoor

Updated: May 25, 2021

Chief Strategist, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Amazing Workplaces

Paulo Coelho quotes, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Ekta Capoor believes in this quote and tells us how she knew which school she wanted to go to, at the very young age of 5. She was sure of the person she was and what she wanted to achieve out of her plans. A woman with a mission.

Ekta has been manoeuvring through life, building, growing and evolving. Pursuing the creative field and becoming a Graphic Designer did not limit her to one job role, or a job for that matter. An entrepreneur by nature, Ekta worked at various firms but in her first interview, she knew she would be running her Design Firm. And now she does.

“Entrepreneurship was always a part of me, one profile could not hold me for too long, I wanted to learn something new as soon as I felt redundancy kick in. I constantly worked toward enhancing my current profile”, she says.

Starting her Design Firm with her friend was a means to an end for her growth. Ekta was also working on her website, Amazing Workplaces meanwhile talking to companies and management. “To learn from them and hear their stories, and to be able to focus on avenues that we often miss out on, was interesting to me. The campaigns that I wrote about were mostly revolving around employee communications, cultural parameters in line with the operations of these organizations. This was my way of connecting the essence of the business, with their workforce. This in turn fuels these companies in achieving their goals. How to be profitable along with fulfilling CSR as well as the principles of humanizing the workplaces are some of the avenues I gradually built on.”

Amazing Workplaces is now a successful and well-known online HR Media Platform, constantly engaging with organizations and understanding their operations. “We plug the existing gaps through our content, media partnerships, our services, online and offline events and engagement initiatives at various levels.”- their bio reads.

Ekta is most passionate about the importance of feeding the ambition within. “Simon Sinek has said that there are two kinds of people; one who will see the path, and one who will see the goal. Try to be the entrepreneur with your eyes on the prize and your focus will not waver from the end goal. I dream to make AmazingWorkplaces the world’s most popular global HR Media Platform, evolving and improving along the way.”

Ekta shares her views on finding motivation by saying, “Often, we find ourselves focusing on our challenges we say that the world has laid in our path when in fact, we are not ready ourselves. We must learn to readjust our focus, work on ourselves and the path shall appear taking you to your goal."

Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed


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