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Fuss-free Cleaning Tricks to Make Carpets Last Long

Most home decor products, including carpets and rugs, are designed to last many years, but this investment also comes with a responsibility of maintenance. Making a conscious choice of adding aesthetics and comfort to your home necessitates the right set of maintenance tools as well, so it continues to add beauty and value to your home in the long haul. With the right tricks and tools, maintenance for carpet becomes hassle-free. Tools like a vacuum, a good stain remover, and a pair of scissors can ensure maximum restorative cleaning and minimum residue. Below are four tricks by Vikas Gupta, CEO, Vacuum weekly. Using vacuum cleaners at least once a week prevents dirt and debris from becoming embedded in the carpet fibres. If the carpet area sees a lot of foot traffic or if you have a pet, you should vacuum more often. Keep in mind the type of vacuum. How you use it can make a noticeable difference. The vacuum should have an efficient airflow and its features should suit your cleaning requirements. Following a frequent vacuuming routine promotes a clean and healthy surface, helps in avoiding infections and reduces the chances of dust build-up on the fibres of the carpet. Addressing spills on time. The longer a stain sits on carpeting, the harder it becomes to get rid of it. Always try removing the spill immediately by scooping or blotting, and then add a small amount of water and blot with a towel. Use a stain remover only if necessary, and only use the one that suits your type of carpeting. Always try to avoid scrubbing the fibres as it can make stains more prominent.

Fixing snags. Don't pull the snags, instead gently cut them away from the base of the carpet using sharp scissors. Then, tuck the cut ends of the carpet back into the surrounding carpet fibres. The same ends can be carefully secured with a dab of quick fix glue or fabric glue to make sure there are no threads popping out. Clipping snags with scissors and discarding it completely is another effective way of fixing carpets and rugs. Remove dents. You can remove dents caused by heavy and constant pressure easily by a simple trick that can fix them with minimal effort and no expense. Try placing ice cubes on the carpet dent to fill the spot and let the ice melt on it. The moisture from the slow-melting ice cubes will give the carpet fibres time to swell and enable the carpet to regain its original shape. The easiest way in maintaining your carpet's appearance can be to prevent dirt and stains from reaching the carpet but it's equally hard to stop the dirt and marks from coming in contact with your eye-catching carpet. What can be prevented is the settling of those dirt and stains into the depths of your carpet while making them most durable. Proper tidiness and frequent vacuuming can help you in keeping the carpets clean while making them last longer.


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