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How to choose a winter perfume

Winter is coming! Are you prepared to welcome the season of festivities with the right kind of fragrances? It is essential to choose the right perfume for the right occasion and winter months demand extra attention to make sure your personality gets the attention it needs. Our body heat plays a very important role in the projection of the perfume we wear. It helps the perfume to project farther and evaporate faster. Perfumes with light floral, citrus or aquatic notes are more volatile and tend to get muted during the winter season. An ideal perfume for the winters should be warmer, deeper and more concentrated perfumes for the fragrance to last longer and spread further. Thus, even if the body temperature is lower, the fragrance will still be able to make an impact or leave you feeling fresh for a longer period of time. In India, we have been using natural traditional attars like Hina & Shamama which are great for the winter season. These attars are crafted using different flowers, roots, stems and leaves based on sandalwood. They tend to keep us warm and last long even during those cold months. Besides the traditional attars, one can also use modern perfumes. Let's talk about the different kind of perfumes we can use during the winter months. Woody Perfumes: Perfumes majorly comprising of woody notes are warmer, deeper and give a cosy woods like feeling. They are ideal for colder months and evenings. They generally comprise of woody & earthy notes like, patchouli, sandalwood and cedarwood. The deep woody perfumes do great with sweet notes like amber, vanilla & cinnamon. Green Perfumes: Perfumes with fresh green notes blended with warm woody undertones are also great as daywear of office wear for the winter months. These perfumes remind you of a morning in the woods and are quite refreshing. The green notes like those of freshly cut grass or a green garden with blooming leaves, add that refreshing touch to the warm woody notes. Floral Perfumes: Floral perfumes are dominated by fresh floral notes. Rose & Jasmine based floral perfumes with notes of sandalwood, amber & oudh form a great combination for the winter months. While oudh is a recent craze across the world, combining it with a floral note like rose can help you create an uplifting & warm persona. Such perfumes are great during the day time of those colder months. Oriental Perfumes: Oriental perfumes are considered to be the strongest of all. These are generally a combination of deep & heavy notes like oudh, oakmoss, tonka beans & patchouli and sweeter and refreshing fine scents like Vanilla, amber, musk, and oriental resins like frankincense and myrrh. These are sensuous blends and sometimes consist of spicy notes as well like Pink pepper and cinnamon. These fragrances are great for evening wear of corporate events. Some other popular notes for the winter months are Tuberose & Neroli for florals, Oakmoss, Leather, Tobacco for woody notes, clove buds, star anise and cinnamon for those sensuous spicy touches. Warmer notes with higher concentration of refreshing sweet/ floral/ green overtones helps the fragrance to last longer and beat the cold chills.

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