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How To Design A Greek Abode

The whitewashed buildings, panoramic views and sunsets against the rugged cliff of volcanic sand beaches. All of this, make Greece an amazing destination. Associated with minimalist decor, rugged walls and dominated by colours white and blue, Greece decor always has a calming and soothing effect. ​But don’t worry, you don’t have to go all the way to Europe to live the Greek dream. You could bring Greece into your homes instead! Follow these steps and live in the beauty of Greek interiors!

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Interior Designer Ayushi Kanodia recently designed a Greek Home in Mumbai and​ shares simple techniques to make your Greek-inspired home a dream come true!

Arched Entrance

The first step during the design is to select the entrances where you can build rounded arches which bring in the required depth inside each space. These rounded arches also break the flow of the ongoing walls which is soothing to the eyes.

Whitewashed Walls

The second step would be to have uniformly whitewashed walls across your space giving it the Greek look and having an exposed wall with the whitewash would also give the whole space a nice texture.

Colour Code

After having all the walls whitewashed you need some colour in your space. We start with adding the right furniture to enhance the look. Using exposed wood furniture will bring in the required earthiness to your space. Apart from that, using Mediterranean hues while designing your wooden kitchen cabinets would bring much-needed colour pop.

Unique Lighting

Now that the furniture is done let’s look at the lighting aspect. Using lights that are designed with natural materials will bring in the feel of modernism and bring nature into your homes.

Know what you want

Some of the challenges which you could face while designing your dream Greek-inspired home could be how to personalize your space. In this scenario, you need to think as to what you would like and what you wouldn’t like to include in your space.

Prior Research

You should do a lot of research as to what are the distinct qualities of the Greek houses that make them so beautiful and special. At the same time, one must see what aspects of their design resonates with you and is functional for you.

Declutter, Colour and Nature

The last thing we can say while designing this type of style would be using less clutter, the inclusion of colour through accessories and always having plants in your home that makes your home even brighter.

- Tang Magazine


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