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Illustration and visual books to inculcate reading habits in kids

Reading is undeniably a skill that, once mastered, can help people of all ages to explore the world. And one of the best ways to encourage children's minds to grow in terms of imagination and knowledge is to read books with illustrations and visuals that complement and enhance stories.

Here is a list of new books and novels with the best illustrations and visuals to help kids develop reading habits without becoming bored.

The Unusual Adventures of a Gutsy Explorer Merlinwand

A carefree kid with a thirst for unusual and exciting adventures embarks on a fruitful, mission-filled, and adventurous journey from a picturesque Indian village to various parts of the world. At Merlinwand, we understand children's thirst for adventure and the desire to stand out from the crowd. Their goal is to capture the attention of young minds through storytelling. The most exciting part is that you can personalise the book and choose any three places to visit Iceland, Turkey, Egypt, Monglia, Bolivia, and the Western Ghats!!

Laxmi's Mooch by Shelly Anand

Sometimes words fail to express the hidden pain in a child's life. They require a companion in order to feel loved. This book embraces the importance of self-love through the power of storytelling. After being teased about her moustache, a young Indian American girl embarks on a journey to accept her body hair and celebrate her heritage. Laxmi was unconcerned about the tiny hairs above her lip. However, one day at recess, while playing farm animals, her friends point out that her whiskers would make her the ideal cat. She begins to notice body hair all over her body, including her arms, legs, and even between her brows.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Martin

With beautiful, quirky illustrations and clever read-aloud rhyme, adults will enjoy reading this book to their children of any age as they thoughtfully consider all the possibilities that lie ahead. Its enduring message of love and acceptance as children grow and change is universal and poignant, and one that should be shared repeatedly.

Why I love Halloween by Daniel Howarth

This board book is a perfect celebration of everything you love about Halloween, with words written by children and heartwarming illustrations. "I enjoy Halloween because..." This entertaining board book combines what children say about Halloween with adorable illustrations of young animals. We dress up in fun costumes, play fun games, and go trick or treating... hurray for Halloween!

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