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Katherine Ernst Mehta

Updated: May 29, 2021

Founder & Director –

Katherine Ernst Mehta is a student and an educationist for life. A magna cum laude from Kenyon College, Ohio, she had made her first trip to India in 2009 as a student and researcher. Her interest in the education field had her recognise the potential in the country’s youth and Katherine decided to combine her background and her interests into Edvanta Consulting.

“Edvanta Consulting enabled me to work with international high school students across India, Singapore, Indonesia and the UK to help them navigate the US undergraduate admission process and gain admission to their best fit colleges,” says Katherine. Educational mentoring enables Katherine to be connected to her roots in the US and she finds it fulfilling to help channel the youth’s interest and untap their potential. “It is interesting to see the wide variety of options these students have for their future and to help them achieve their ambitions is personally and professionally rewarding to me.”

The educational system in India is constantly evolving and Katherine, as an insider and an outsider, has watched it transform and evolve. Katherine points out that, “With media and digitization, children today are driven by their ambitions rather than those of their elders and my work lets me be a part of this progression. This evolution is in fact, driven by and beneficial to the youth and with this, it is our responsibility, as parents to communicate with our children and evolve with them.”

Katherine has been working with Kavitta B Bedi and is also the Founder and Director of Xtraview - a digital platform to help students prepare for digital interviews and the ability to improve and perfect them. This company was established during the Pandemic in 2020 and the platform has helped children prepare for their future digital interviews for high school, universities, jobs and lets them hone their communication and interpersonal skills.

Soft skills contribute to a major part of a person’s identity and Katherine’s entrepreneurial journey has focused on the recognition and development of students’ personalities and their future. “Children are more than their academic qualifications and their creativity and interests can be an asset to organizations if conveyed effectively.” Katherine adds, “Kavita and I are both mothers and with our growing children, we realise the edge the child has with good communication skills. Xtraview is a project driven by a parent’s intuition and the interest in a child’s development to attain skills that are valuable to their future.”

Katherine majored in Anthropology, Dance and Drama and has researched and edited various Indian art history texts and coordinated semester-long academic programs and excursions for American College students in India through the School for International Training (SIT Study Abroad). She is also a member of the International Association for College Admissions Counselling and has served as a College Essay Counsellor for Ethan Sawyer (aka The College Essay Guy), helping guide low-income students with their college application and essay writing process through the match lighters scholarship program, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving and connecting the American expat community in New Delhi India.

Katherine’s journey is proof that a working woman’s compassion and ability to multitask and communicate effectively are an asset to an organization, as well as a family. With this, empowered women can recognize potential and be able to convert that into a successful goal for the future. Entrepreneurship has given this mother-of-two, the ability to balance work and professional life well. “Respecting working women as role models is favourable to raising our children as future feminists.”, she concludes.

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Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed


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