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Kavitta B Bedi

Founder & CEO – Xtraview

Director & Founder – JBC INC (Just Because Its Children)

A woman can recognize the potential in people, in opportunities and it is her empowerment to be able to choose to work upon its fulfilment. Kavitta Bedi believes in the power of feminism – “the ability to make choices in our lives and to work hard to pursue them”, she says.

Kavitta is an entrepreneur, founder, Director, CEO, child’s educationist and mother. She explains how balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship the driving force behind major nuances in her life. Kavitta decided to establish JBC INC (Just Because Its Children), based on her observation of the sheer thrill her daughter experienced while watching live shows, and she decided to bring it all to India. Broadway theatricals, live performances for a repertoire of shows like that of Barney Live, Spiderman Live, Noddy Live, Jungle Book Live, Geronimo Stilton Live etc. ''Children learn and imbibe the most when they are not aware that they are learning. Therefore, they must receive creative stimulus that allows them to learn, using their imagination and creativity, making learning a bonding experience.”

Kavitta’s intention to make live shows an experience that brought families together and has given children an opportunity to partake in activities outside of screens and homes. Of course, this was before the pandemic and Kavitta has now taken on another project that was inspired by her daughter’s communication skills. She explains, “I realized how creative young adults have become and are how necessary it is for them to learn to present themselves and hone their communication skills. Perfecting these can prepare the children to apply for college applications, future jobs, build up their confidence and self-improvement.”. Kavita, along with Katherine Ernst Mehta, launched Xtraview – a digital platform to help students prepare for digital interviews and the ability to improve and perfect them.

Kavitta says that, “normal job applications are too precise, and we feel that student applicants are beyond the 150 words. More so, recruiters for schools, universities, companies do not look beyond the top percentile and today, children are way beyond academic excellence. They are creative, they are skilled and communicating these qualities is detrimental to the child’s future.”

Having started during the pandemic, Xtraview gained momentum when families, would want their children to not just be glued to their screens, instead, this sort of interview prep helped many families to discover and appreciate their kids. The company was able to bring in recruiters and scholarship programs for the applicants and a chance for the children to work on their presentation and social skills, all the while learning more about their potential and perfect the art of expressing themselves.

The positive response from eager students led them to launch Xtreprep workshops that let young students start as early as 6th grade when communication skills develop profoundly. Kavita elaborates how they have now established different workshops focused on different age groups – “These practice interviews help students apply for universities, internships, first jobs and even let them perfect their elevator pitches. This goes to show the importance of constant change and evolution of self-representation there is to the stages in their young lives.”

Kavitta finds working with and for the youth extremely rewarding and with Xtraview and Xtraprep, they are committed to building a future with the youth, based on their abilities, skills and self-empowerment.

An entrepreneur at heart, Kavitta is also an angel investor with investments in Tech Startups across Crowd Funding, Food Tech, Supply Chain, Health Tech and now Ed Tech projects. An alumna of Lady Shri Ram College and a specialist of Marketing Management from the Times School of Marketing, Kavitta’s corporate career includes heading communications for the British Council in India and being a part of the brand management team at Daewoo Motors. She is also a spousal member of the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO).

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Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed


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