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Khushi Chaudhary

Content Writer

Every human has four endowments - self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.

Stephen Covey

The world we live in today, is brimming with information, ideas and growth. So are the people born into this environment. They are socially aware, smart and social media has given everyone a chance to make an impact, on things that matter.

Khushi Chaudhary is a blogger, a feminist and a young lady with ambition. “I believe awareness is the first step to making a change, silence is for the ignorant.” says the 19-year old. “We as women face a lot of issues and until we do not raise our voices, there cannot be any change.” This motivation led her to blog her feelings onto Akshar on Panne. Her first project being, “Women are the real architects of the society.”

Maturity of a person is measured not only from their experiences, rather their ability to respond to their experiences is the difference. Not one to shy from trying new things, Khushi has worked as a content writer since a very early age and has written on various topics of social awareness for publications such as Socially Desi, Flying Hiee etc

There is a tremendous amount of social awareness thanks to the internet and exposure to the world outside, we observe starts early for the children today. What we “boomers” consider overload of information and over-exposure is everyday life for the young. A common phenomenon arising out of information since an early age, is that the young know that their efforts will lead to change in the society. Change is needed. Change is progress.

Khushi advocates the importance of change and says that those who do not change their situation are stuck in a pool of their insecurities. “When there is personal unrest, it translates into different acts of negativity. Time only passes for them, nothing changes.” She mentions the role of women when they fight for their rights. “To be a feminist is to know the difference. That is good. One considers themselves human. But when there is a sense of superiority, or pseudo-feminism, that can stem from a negative place.”

Khushi is also very passionate about supporting the LGBTQI+ community. “I feel for their struggles and the trauma they go through for being a certain way. They are human and they deserve to be treated equally.” Her compassion towards the oppressed is linked to her interest in psychology. “I want to study criminal psychology,” she says, “to understand the way the human mind works and to understand where it can go off.”

Khushi’s intrigue into the human mind, compassion for the weak and will to make a difference for the better are all common traits we notice in the youth of the future, or GenZ as they like to call themselves.

Young women like Khushi are prime examples of social awareness at an early age and the will to explore it. “I was always encouraged to chase my ambition, and when a woman isn’t restricted, she learns to recognise who she is in the process of becoming who she is meant to be.”

Khushi Chaudhary

Interviewed and transcripted by Maryam Syed


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