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Le Jahaan Founder Devina Dalmia shares an insight into the Paradigm Shift of Gifting

To keep the value and quality of what you offer, whether it's a romantic breakfast in bed or a royal wedding gift that will be remembered for years. The concept of gift-giving has taken on a number of shapes in today's society. Devina Singhania, the Founder of 'LE JAHAAN', a local home and decor accessories company, explains how the gifting paradigm has shifted. Q: What do consumers expect from the gifting business and packaging designers these days? A: Today's consumers are expecting more minimal sustainable products, designs and mediums. They are now more conscious about how their purchase affects the environment. Considering this shift in consumer buying, it's extremely important for companies to increase their commitments to responsible business practices and design products that are meant to be reused or recycled. Q: The practice of self-gifting is being driven by millennials. What are your thoughts on the subject? A: I absolutely agree with this. Millennials are so creative and expressive. They are more into personalized products with which they can tell the world something about themselves. We are often hired by millennials to monogram and personalize products for them. They truly believe it's the best way to stand out from the crowd and establish a signature style and we couldn't agree more. Q: What impact do colour trends have on gift designs and packaging? A: 'Le Jahaan' has always been very influenced by colour and trends and we hope to continue this association with colour even while we break through to more sustainable products and collections. Q: What has changed as a result of the pandemic in terms of how we commemorate special occasions and the gift-giving tradition? A: It's smaller in quantity but more luxurious and thought through. Q: What giving trends should one keep an eye on in 2022? A: Consumers, including millennials and members of Generation Z, are especially concerned with sustainability. So, the trend is definitely to go green with eco-friendly. Q: How does Le Jahaan keep its clients coming back? A: Our products speak for themselves. We make small batches with exceptional quality with a personal touch.

Source - IANS

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