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Mallika Prakash

Moto Artist


“Motorcycles have been an important part of my childhood. My father has been the source of my love for biking. He is the fearless one, pragmatic and practical, the unemotional one. My mother, the emotional and passionate artist, who would look after the family and at the end of the day, take some time off to paint or craft her art. I have the love of both – riding and art and to be able to blend the two with Moto Art – Art inspired by Motorcycles is the perfect fulfilment of my passions.

Creativity resonated with me all my life but transitioning into art full-time from a corporate career was an ordeal. My motto in life echoes an art career, there IS no plan B! With Moto Art Show, I have established a lucrative platform that blends art as a medium to express the love of motorcycles. For a rider, a motorbike is more than just a vehicle. It is a passion, a lifestyle. When I found the passion, it was easy to translate it into art that meant something and resonated with not just me but other bikers as well. At Moto Art Show, artists can choose to express themselves in any form of art they like, paintings, sculpture, illustration, everything that is inspired by the world of Motorcycles.

There is a long way for art and passion to be taken seriously in India. Sale of art and success doesn't translate down to the newer emerging artists. In India, if a product doesn't get you bragging rights, then it's not worth buying. For as long as possible, artists have been trying to inspire and express their creativity through their art. People need to harness their own passion for them to be able to appreciate anyone else’s.

This segment of artistry is yet to have its breakthrough in the Indian creative sector. The world of art appeals to a niche segment and to find those who appreciate art inspired by Motorcycles is wildly exclusive. With Moto Art Show, I hope to change that at least for a small subset of artists whose art can be appreciated and procured for the passion it represents. I also urge more artists to focus on their originality and channel their talent to set it free for the art community to grow and have a more liberated future.”

Mallika Prakash

Moto Art Show

- Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed


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