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Mish Sen - EatsWithMish

Mish Sen, a former Digital Consultant and English Teacher, settled in the US, combines her experience of teaching, marketing and communications into Food Blogging and shares her expertise with her 27.5k Instagram followers.

“My family has always been big on food and I developed the love for it at a young age,” says the Bengali beauty. “I came to the US and having worked as a teacher and then a digital consultant, I learnt to balance my teaching, nurturing, interpersonal skills and digital skills in a manner that empowered me.”

Mish launched her Instagram page @eatswithmish during the lockdown in 2020, to help people who were struggling to get their favourite dishes amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. With an aim to help people with the skills that she has, Mish wanted to enable her followers to learn delicious Indian recipes made in a healthier way. Broken down into simple steps that are inspired by the food she loves to eat, the blogger says, “Food should be pleasurable but also nutritious, helping us sustain our bodies and minds in an optimal way. In that healthy (or healthier) way of eating, there is room for treats without guilt. After all, life is all about balance and one should not look at food as good or bad but in terms of choices that we make that bring us pleasure and enhance our health and longevity.”

Living in a foreign country makes one wish to connect with their culture and background a lot more, Mish says that for her, her Indian roots were always strong but the ability to and grow as an individual was her choice. She adds, “Women are conditioned to view themselves in certain ways, based on how our parents and society influence our upbringing coupled with what is expected of us. But if you feel in your gut that you have a gift, you should develop that into a passion and go all in! You'll make discoveries about yourself that you didn't know existed and then with that knowledge and passion help others - that's what I did!”

Mish’s page is authentic to the person that she is – genuine, focused, and creative. “I consider this my job, and not just a hobby for which I have equipped myself with courses and relevant information, so I can bring content that helps and delights my Insta family. Many of them have learned to be successful in the kitchen with my recipes so I make sure to deliver value each day!”

Mish recently launched a limited-edition cookbook in the USA titled Everyday Indian Cooking-the American Way. The second edition of her book will be released on Amazon this year titled Kitchen Secrets from an Indian Food Blogger- 52 Easy-to-make Indian recipes for the beginner cook (and beyond). Apart from that, she is working on launching a mini e-cooking course too in 2021.

We wish you the best Mish, keep shining!

- Maryam Syed


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