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Modular furniture is a practical option for homes

During the pandemic, our private spaces inadvertently became our workplaces. A visually appealing, uncluttered, and organised space can have a positive impact on the mood and overall vibe of the home, making 'living' there a positive experience. Contemporary functional modular furniture may be the only solution!

Smaller homes in today's busy and congested metropolises offer small-sized living spaces, which become even more enclosed when one has to stay indoors or work from home. As a result, optimal space utilisation has become critical, particularly in modern spaces. Modular furniture is quickly becoming a popular trend among millennia's due to a variety of advantages such as being trendy, innovative, functional in design, hard-wearing and robust in quality, and cost-effectiveness.

With the growing desire for aesthetically pleasing homes among Generation Z, functional, sturdy, up-to-date, yet low-cost modular furniture is becoming the go-to option for modern homes. For families, the benefits of modular furniture, with its variety of designs, ease of assembly, and easily customizable options, have proven to be very appealing.

Check out these options:

The breakfast counter is a family hangout for work, homework or meals: No matter how beautifully decorated and comfortable your home is, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. Whether you're hosting a formal gathering, a business meeting, or simply the kids doing their homework, the kitchen, particularly the breakfast counter, is unquestionably the place to be. Kitchens that integrate with the living room provide enough space for everyone.

This floor plan has plenty of room for plush, comfortable seating in addition to traditional dining chairs or kitchen stools. It also provides plenty of space for guests and family members to socialise. Kids can use the breakfast bar or formal diners to do their homework, and workaholics can use it to get their work done.

Wardrobes with in-built dresser to save space: Modern wardrobes are being upgraded to add to the room decor and blend in, with optimised design to create maximum storage space. Wardrobes with built-in dressers are not only an extension of the owner's personality, but they also help to save space. These aid in the organisation of clothing essentials while also ensuring that they are well preserved and properly stacked. Modular wardrobes provide users with innovative designs ranging from trendy open walk-in closets and sliding door wardrobes to traditional swing door wardrobes, resulting in an accessible and stylish environment.

The classic sofa cum bed: No living room furniture set is complete without a dependable, comfortable sofa-cum bed. A sofa set, as the focal point of the living room, regulates the first impression and sets the tone for the entire space. Place these sets with their backs facing your windows to give you more space. In fact, it should be the first and foremost thing you consider when planning your living room design scheme.

Multifunctional center tables: This is a centre table that can be used as a dining table or a work table. Along with your sofa set, a coffee table or work table is a must-have piece of furniture in your living room. A centre table is the most functional piece of furniture, offering a useful platform upon which to place items in the living area. It can be easily placed in the centre of the living room.

The coffee table is a useful piece of furniture that serves as a convenient platform for placing items in the living room. Aside from its utilitarian function, the coffee table also serves as an important decorative element in the living room.

Motorized ceiling beds: Where your living room can be transformed into a bedroom! If you need to move your bed out of the way to make more room, or if you want it to disappear entirely, you can now turn to the cutting-edge technology of trendy ceiling beds with motors. These incredible beds are powered by a simple counterbalance system with motors that allow them to glide the bed up to the ceiling with ease.

(Nishant Shah, Interior Designer and Business Head at Collins Kitchens & Wardrobes)

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