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Monsoon Fashion

Tips to keep it trendy this rainy season!

Image Source: Times of India

Monsoons are upon us! The breeze, the fragrance of the soil, everything that makes us a little dramatic. And with every season, we prep our wardrobe to put our stylish foot forward, but in something that's waterproof.

Here are a few ways we can amp up our outfits in the season of thunder and drama!

Fabric and Material:

Image Source: Amazon

Our safest bet, crepe, silk-cotton blend, nylon, plastic, chiffon, basically anything that performs well in the humidity, don't take too long to dry and looks good even in the rain. By plastic, we mean raincoats and footwear that can be comfortable in the rain.

Avoid fabric soled or fabric on footwear like suede, cotton, etc. Leather may be a good option but too much coverage can be hot in humid weather. For footwear, opt for easy-dry shoes or sandals that won't hold water and instead, will keep your feet moisture-free.

Tip: Choose flip flops over closed-toe shoes as they can retain moisture and lead to fungal infections. For shoes, opt for waterproof fabric like leather, canvas with waterproof coating and PVC.

Prints and Fitting:

Image Source: News Nation English

Go for outfit pieces that are light and airy. Clingy fabric may make you uncomfortable in the humid weather and when it rains, loose clothing is easier to dry. Opting for monochrome colours with a pop of colour in your outfit, can hide the water and mud stains and can help you stand out in the rain respectively.

Kurtis, tops, dresses and pants that are comfortable to move about in would add to the merriment in the rain as well.

Opting for a pop of colour and fun prints will make you stand out in the rain and can possibly camouflage you if the fabric is translucent. If you like rain, have fun with the ambience, you feel your best when you look your best.

Tip: Avoid jeans and denim as they can retain water and can take longer to dry. Choose an outfit that isn't too long to avoid getting it dirty in the rain and puddles.

Hair and Makeup:

Image Source: Nykaa

Okay, this is where most of us struggle; the humidity frizzes the hair and the rain takes our makeup away. To avoid any of these mishaps, keep your makeup minimum and opt for waterproof products - concealer, foundation, kajal, lip stain. And don't struggle with your hair, leave it simple and maybe try a messy bun or simpler hairstyle that doesn't unravel as soon as you step out of the house.

Tip: Fresh-faced in the monsoon is the best mantra! Least products on the skin will help with it breathe and not worry about it melting off in the rain or humidity.


Image Source: TOI

This is where you can play it up! Carry a funky umbrella, a PVC bag, fun jewellery that doesn't spoil in the rain and also seems like you're having fun in the rain! Avoid fabric and leather straps that may spoil in the rain and opt for quirkier statement pieces that can uplift your mood in the gloomiest of days.

Tip: Umbrellas, raincoats and gumboots can be your statement piece and will also serve the right purpose. Remember to dry them off before using them again though!

- Maryam Syed


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