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Moushumi Pal

Brand Strategist and Founder - Woodpecker Media

As George Bernard Shaw quotes, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.”, the perspective of working women and the provisions towards making their working conditions easier has been undergoing constant change.

Even though India has been conducive to women-led organisations and women in the workforce, there are still parts of the communities where change is impending towards companies’ and their HR policies, laws, pay disparities and experience of female applicants.

Moushumi Pal is a brand strategist and Founder of Woodpecker Media. Woodpecker Media is a visionary and a creative agency with expertise in curating innovative events and providing marketing and PR solutions. She is also a highly acclaimed woman for her efforts to bring change for women in the workforce. Woodpecker Media is a 90% women-centric organisation started with the vision to empower women from every walks of life and giving them an equal opportunity to break the barriers and bounce back.

We find out how the change was brought on, to manage a team of empowered women and to maximise productivity while making provisions to amplify the effects to a larger goal.

The Challenges:

“In my early days, I had equipped myself with various diploma courses, corporate experience and learnings and while cracking great projects and achieving accomplishments, I worked my way up. Starting a family made me realise that I had become a person who would rather balance home and work life, rather than take a break. Productivity and mindfulness are important to any person, man or woman.

I would get excellent job offers of senior positions that fit my expertise perfectly but post a break such as maternity leave or a short sabbatical, I found that I had to justify and work harder to get to the same position as I had reached earlier. This was a problem I did not understand and had to play a jumbled game of snakes and ladders to reach my goal, every time.”

Moushumi felt the importance of resetting some work laws and ethics that could make it easier for those women who end up having to grab the shorter end of the stick with regards to balancing their career and home. She says, “Women on the path to success, must take a break for personal reasons and this break is often made to explain and accounted for. And then they have to start their journey all over again. This must be changed. The potential of a woman employee is constantly questioned and scrutinized and this affects the hiring capacity of an association due to the liabilities of a female employee.

I strongly believe in the untapped potential of a woman, often stratified under domestic challenges, family dynamics or even trivial matters such as rights.”

The Change:

Channelling all her expertise and entrepreneurship, Moushumi established Woodpecker Media – a PR and Branding firm, meant to help businesses and organisations establish themselves. The distinguishing factor is that Woodpecker Media and Moushumi give importance to flexibility without compromising on the quality of work is mostly envisioned with a working woman in perspective.

“Changes are being made in the workplace concerning inclusivity, diversity, pay disparities and hiring, but I wanted to establish an environment which is fundamentally based on cohesive efforts, is task-focused, compassionate and encouraging at the same time. The flexibilities allow for compassion, empathy, and potency of work to grow once there exists an understanding between the co-workers.

The pandemic has shown the world the importance of work and productivity and women aren’t devoid of this opportunity to prove their potential.”, Moushumi says.

The Future:

“Empowered women are contributing to themselves, a family, a community, and the country if their potential is recognised and fulfilled. For a woman to have a goal, there will be necessary changes and adjustments made at home for her to succeed at work. Respecting a working woman will enable a household to divide responsibilities and learn to value each person’s role. Normalising the division of power will be inbuilt in children and they, in turn, can grow up to be independent individuals.

Empowerment begins at home. An encouraging home can yield successful manpower. Increased manpower can contribute to the evolution of a country.”

Moushumi has worked with numerous Multinational Companies in the past 17 years with hands-on experience in coaching and curriculum design as an educational consultant. She guides and helps businesses grow and reach the right audience by conducting informative mentoring sessions, 1:1 coaching and workshops. Her introspective efforts and thoughts are channelled through a positive work environment and her company’s success.

- Maryam Syed


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