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Niraalee Shah

Certified Etiquette Trainer

Brand – Builder

Certified - Indian School of Image Management (Mumbai),

Certified - The International Image Counsel (Canada)

Member of India Chapter of AICI

Niraalee Shah is the CEO of the British School of Excellence India and has established Image Building and Etiquette to extend her wealth of knowledge to corporates and organizations globally. As a Brand Strategist, Internationally Certified Trainer and Consultant, Niraalee works alongside entrepreneurs, corporate houses, and independent professionals to achieve innovation and development on all fronts.

Get to know the woman behind the profession and how she created the brand that she is today.

Niraalee was always an observant, mentally strong child with a positive mindset. “Growing up, I had a keen sense of what I wanted in life and how I was to achieve it.” She says that her sense of self-recognition had developed quite early on, and by the time she was 14, “I knew I had to get into Jai Hind College and how I wanted to make my way.” Not one to ask her father to spend his money on her college education, but neither compromising on her dreams, Niraalee dove into extra-curricular activities, events throughout high school and admitted herself into the government quota for women. Her passion to achieve a goal whilst building on her experience is evident throughout her life.

Once getting into Jai Hind College, regular expenses had Niraalee take up part-time jobs, classes and since she would travel by local train, this young girl would observe the various salespersons and learn from them eventually selling mehndi cones and bindis herself. “The biggest lessons that I had learnt in those trains was to never sell the product, but to sell the experience of the product.” Thus began Niraalee’s interest in developing her career. She enrolled to study the next big thing – Event Management and throughout her course, she was the youngest production head and worked on various events that gave her the exposure to believe in herself as “someone who could change the world,”, she says.

Niraalee married at an early age and motherhood couldn’t keep her from starting her own businesses namely ‘Niraalee Shah Couture’ and later on establishing ‘Present Perfect Studio’. With her communication skills and understanding of business growth, Niraalee’s companies worked with the bigwigs like the Ambani family, Good Earth, etc. She gained exposure as a creative person and an entrepreneur.

For any other person, success may be defined by taking a path and sticking to it. Niraalee wanted to explore her potential in a more corporate environment. “People I worked with recognized my ability and emotional intelligence to establish professional connections and encouraged me to explore my potential in the field of Training and Development,” Niraalee explains her faith in and blessings of Baba Neem Karoli enabled her to enrol and complete her certification at Image Management School of India and went on to pursue her Masters at The British School of Etiquette, UK. She completed her course under the reigns of Mr Philip Sykes, Principal at BSE.

Niraalee returned to India keen to start her company and extend the experience she had gained and to her surprise, Mr Philip Sykes offered Niraalee to takeover BSE operations pan-India. “I was zapped,” she exclaims, “I believe that when a business or a professional is looking for an everlasting impact, it/they must engage with the right professionals with the appropriate know-how. As they focus on building attractive brands and successful enterprises, the cohesiveness of every detail is key. Binding these details create an impactful, sustainable change in your organization, which propels business towards profit and enhanced productivity.”

Today, Niraalee Shah is the CEO of The British School of Excellence across India and she is highly specialized in the wide spectrum of training requirements. Her skills apply to many aspects of the Indian business landscape through:

· Corporate Training

· The Brand YOU

· Hospitality Training

· Luxury Boutique & Retail Training

· Events and Exhibitions Training

· Youth Etiquette Training

Niraalee plans, initiates and maintains superlative brand building via

· Training

· Workshops

· Interventions

· Panel & Group discussions

Niraalee Shah’s is an unprecedented curriculum that underscores emerging trends for your brand. She is a thorough professional who delivers highly effective training that emphasizes actionable content designed to elevate your complete business performance. She identifies emerging trends and incorporates these in her execution strategies to influence leadership effectiveness, performance, and customer experience. Niraalee prepares entrepreneurs, individuals, and organizations to thrive in contemporary competition, in hyper-linked business environments.

Niraalee has launched a book in 2021 on “Indian Etiquette – A glimpse into India’s Culture” and wishes to extend the beauty and potential of India to the outside world. She believes in giving back to society, the country, and the world by first improving yourself. Her ideology and vision in best represented in the quote often heard by the expert herself, “You don’t become what you want to, you become what you believe.”

Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed


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