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Nourish your skin with the beauty rituals from all around the world

With the temperatures rising, people are prepping for the harsh summer months. Let's prep our skin as well for what lies ahead. It deserves moisture and nourishment from the inside out. All the heat and dryness makes your skin rough, dull and dreary. Embrace nourishment with these beauty rituals, inspired by generations of women from around the world.

Yogurt is not just healthy for your body but also for your skin. The Greeks have been using yogurt on their skin since ancient times. It is considered a miraculous ingredient as it soothes the skin, moisturizes it, and protects it from sunburn. It is also enriched with proteins, vitamins and minerals that help shed dead skin cells. Lavender essential oil is very useful in aromatherapy and has a calming fragrance.

Roman Wine Soap (INR 500)

The Romans believed that wine had the power to heal, so much so that they used wine as an antiseptic, anaesthetic and as a digestive aid. This wine soap aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles due to its polyphenol content. The alpha hydroxy acids present in wine cause exfoliation that can decrease freckles, brown spots, and discoloration of skin, thus promoting an even toned, glowing and healthy looking skin.

Watermelon is used by Turkish women to revitalize the facial makes for an excellent moisturiser. This is a smooth, lightweight day cream with natural skin protection and provides intense hydration to the skin. It has Watermelon extracts that are full of vitamin C, amino acids and lycopene,a powerful antioxidant that nourishes the skin. Liquorice extracts brighten the skin while Argan oil, a light emollient makes the skin smoother.

Honey and castor oil formed the backbone of the multitude of hair care rituals, followed by the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. This Egyptian elixir works wonders, on your hair and boosts its overall health. Honey moisturizes and conditions, while Castor strengthens the hair follicles, promotes hair growth and fights hair fall. This oil has been prepared through the cold pressed method to ensure that the purest and best benefits of the ingredients have been safeguarded.

The Camellia is known in Japan as Tsubaki. For many centuries, the native tsubaki or "tree with shining leaves" held a special place in Japanese thoughts. Due to the high amount of Polyphenols present in it, Camellia helps protect skin from Sun Damage & Aging thus preserving a youthful complexion. It also helps the skin retain moisture, making it softer, smoother and less prone to fine lines and rebuilds the cell nutrients and collagen into the skin and thus continuous use will give you a lasting effect on your skin.


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