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Recipes to keep you warm this winter season

Winters mean hot chocolate, lots of chai and coffee... and snacks to go along with these. This also leads to gaining of those unwanted pounds..., OZiva, a leading clean, plant-based nutrition and wellness brand gets their their in-house dietician and nutritionist, Nidhi Shah, to share a few guilt free recipes to keep you warm this season. Sugar Free Til Laddoo Ingredients: 1 cup sesame seeds ? cup walnuts 13-14 almonds 3 tbsp pumpkin seeds 3 tbsp flax seeds � cup soaked chia seeds 5-6 dates 2 tbsp raisins 1 tsp cardamom powder � tsp cinnamon powder � scoop OZiva Organic Plant Protein Method: 1. Soak chia seeds in water for about 20-30 mins 2. Soak raisin and dates for about 15-20 mins 3. Strain water and blend soaked chia seeds, dates and raisin into fine paste 4. Dry roast sesame seeds until the color changes to light brown 5. In another pan dry roast almonds + walnuts + pumpkin seeds 6. Separately dry roast flax seeds 7. Let them cool and blend all roasted nuts and seeds into a powder 8. Mix the paste, nuts powder and sesame seeds together 9. Add cardamom powder, cinnamon powder and OZiva Organic Plant Protein 10. Mix well and bind into ladoos in small portions 11. Cool for 10 mins in refrigerator Hot Chocolate Ingredients: 4 cup milk Powdered jaggery as per taste 3 tbsp cocoa powder 50g dark chocolate Method: 1. Pour milk to the pan on low flame and add cocoa powder 2. Still until there are no lumps 3. Heat for 1 minute 4. Add jaggery powder 5. Add cinnamon powder (if wish to) 6. Mix well and add dark chocolate pieces 7. Keep stirring until ready 8. Ragi Idli Ingredients: 1 cup Ragi flour � cup urad dal 1 cup rawa 1 inch of ginger 1 green chili 1 tsp mustard seed 10-12 curry leaves Salt, to taste 1 tsp OZiva Organic Plant Protein A pinch of baking soda Method: 1. Rinse urad dal and soak it for 4-5 hours 2. Soak rawa in a separate bowl for 4 hours 3. Strain water from both dal and rawa 4. Blend and make a smooth bater of the soaked dal 5. Add soaked rawa in the bater 6. Add raki flour 7. Mix and aerate 8. Ferment for 8-9 hours or overnight

9. Mix the barter well 10. Heat ghee in a pan 11. Add mustard seeds and curry leaves 12. Add crushed ginger and green chillies 13. Add a little water and let it cook 14. Add it to the barter 15. Add pinch of baking soda and OZiva Organic Plant Protein 16. Grease the idli mold 17. Fill the bater in the mold and let it steam for 12-15mins

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