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Rifa Rafiq Juvale


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Foodie Deewani

“If I had known the path I would be taking in life, I may never have believed my journey. My school life was filled with certain challenges that I now recognize as Dysgraphia. My motor abilities were hindered and although difficult at the time, I remember my parents pushing past them to help me achieve something bigger. They would never get disheartened with my different progress, nor did they give in to societal pressure. Instead, they encouraged me to walk my path.

Those who understood that we all don’t walk at the same pace understood I was capable and needed my own time to achieve the same dreams.

My academic journey holds enough importance in shaping the person I have become today as, for a person who could not hold a pencil at one time, would become a topper was unconventional.

I decided to pursue my dream of CA and studied hard, missed events, tried to be the best, but, I failed. I did not take that too well at the time, but out of this difficulty, arose the creativity of writing about Food! I am a thorough food fanatic. Started my blog Foodie Deewani and never gave up my love for accounts. My passion for Finance, also led me to fall in love with, writing about Finance, and this in turn led to the birth of, The Simplistic Finance Blog.

When it comes down to my experience with both, I am glad I did not give up on both my passion and my interest as I believe in organic growth. My life is a testament of the same. I may not have dealt with it all without the support of my parents and family, but neither would I have adapted to it and made it my own if I had not made peace with my success and challenges. It led me to believe in the process of prioritization of my mind over matter. If anyone cannot change a factor of our lives, why fight it? Acceptance and persistence over a bigger goal are how we can choose to lead our lives rather than perplexity. We find ourselves in our own imperfections and to recognize them is to accept a part of ourselves completely.

If I ever faltered, my family was there to pave the way for me and pick me up so that I could be ambitious and persevere for all that is worth in the end. A little faith goes a long way, people! I believe that we all are meant to do big things in life, at our own pace, in our own way. To live a life of simplicity and elegance is how I set myself apart from the rest and I will continue to grow and evolve into a better version of myself, each day.”

Rifa Rafiq Juvale


Foodie Deewani



The Simplistic Finance Blog


Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed

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