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Shilka Abraham

Entrepreneur - Apron Tales

“I come from a multicultural family that taught me a lot about the importance of community and our responsibility towards it. Family inculcates a sense of belonging, strength and coherence that when honed and built upon, can reflect in everything we do in our lives.

Even though I had worked in a corporate career worked as a banker initially, my heart was always in a place of starting my own business in a space that would bring everyone together. The feelings that evoke a sense of unity is something I appreciate and so establishing Amanati Events with my cousin felt like the right channel to combine it all under one roof.

The instant gratification of seeing the entire project come alive and the success of witnessing happiness for the families is what drives me. What sets us apart from the many wonderful event planning companies is that we are not just décor and lights. We are a one-stop end-to-end business that truly manages the whole event. I recognize that the emotions that go into planning a wedding are grandiose and families are brought together in happiness, trust and merriment. I try to achieve this in my client-relations as well. I strive to see the families happy when we plan a wedding and establishing a sense of trust runs deep in our philosophy because we believe creating this level of comfort allows them to enjoy the celebration.

The world needs a reminder to be united, within which we are all searching for a sense of representation that also sets us apart. My roots are a mixture of Malayalee Christian and Kodava, to recognise various cultural and religious nuances and be able to bring everything together is something I have learnt growing up. The amalgamation of customs, cultures, religions is beautiful when everyone feels exclusive as well as included, is what I strive to convey with my business.

In a community, there is a strong sense of responsibility and with the wedding planning industry known for being huge generators of waste, we have established a system of consciously giving back to the environment. We organize reduced-waste weddings and events so that our responsibility towards our environment is enhanced. We are glad to have been able to encourage more people to be more conscious of their contribution to this waste and still be able to have a good time.

The conviction to follow my passion comes from my parents who were both former athletes and the drive to constantly reinvent and reform the business, my family has taught me. I strongly believe that any line of business entails a strong bond of respect and patience to be able to deal with a largely people-based industry. We must find the greater good in everything small that we do only then can there be harmonious coexistence between your goals and your efforts.”

Shilka Abraham

Amanati Events

Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed


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