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Shipra Sachar

Cancer Survivor

“I was diagnosed with Cancer merely two days before my anniversary in December 2019. Having experienced it recently, my experience continues and is crisp with raw emotions. I wish to talk about the importance of having a support system that can truly help a person undergoing major life and health changes.

I have a family of 4, 2 beautiful kids and a wonderful husband. As soon as the Cancer was detected, I may have tried the route of asking, “Why Me?” or “Can I survive this?”, not once did my family falter when I needed help. Of course, we all took time to let it sink in but I would not have the strength had they not helped me. Cancer is not just about the medical trips and procedures, it is riddled with hope, emotions, pain, hormones and for everyone who has dealt with something similar, all experiences are different!

Corona was a blessing in disguise at this time as it cut down on the negativity and unwanted spectacle that some people just don’t need. Every person has a right to choose who and what they should listen to and it worked well for me this year.

I am glad that I shared every session, every appointment with my boys and my parents who were with me every step of the way. No one showed them how to be tough for me, but they stepped up to the challenge themselves. As mothers, we wish to protect our children all their lives, but with the maturity and understanding my sons have exhibited at this time, I am proud and excited to see them live their life with hope and positivity.

I have lived a happy life of dressing up, letting my hair down, making healthy choices, having a career and throughout the process, I am glad that I felt every emotion. Having made peace with how I feel, I was able to cross the hurdle a little stronger each day. To pacify my mind, I would find ways to be thankful and find the good in my situation. One tries to do everything and anything to find hope in our hearts and minds and they should be allowed to!

If we were to look for hope and happiness, trust me we will find it in abundance. Cancer may have interrupted my life but it made me realize how lucky I am to have a wonderful family who supported and motivated me through this difficult phase. At 44, never in my wildest dreams had I known that I would be discovering and accepting myself, but I am and will keep at it. As the saying goes, the best view comes after the hardest climb, I look forward to life.”

Shipra Sachar

Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed


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