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Shruti Ladwa

Founder: Global Connects Media

Global Marketer


“All my growing years, I wanted to do something inspirational and growing up in a Kshatriya, Orthodox family in small-town Bijapur, my dream span was quite limited. With the support of my mother who believed in my eagerness, I fought to break free of the stigma of having no life other than marriage.

I came to Bangalore to pursue my studies. My focus and determination toward building a life out of aspirations and ambition were fueled by various accolades and awards along my journey and building a name in the industry that is known for experience and trust. I found my interest in Marketing, Communications and Branding, gradually climbing the corporate ladder and taking in every new role with a passion that only seemed to sit deeper in my mind.

For a small-town woman to be in a position of handling major projects and gain experience, to constantly build on my experience on Digital Marketing had me co-founding two businesses of my own that seem to combine my knowledge in the field and the need of the hour.

Luxosy Interior Automation is my brainchild covering interiors, exteriors and home automation. Commercial and Residential projects, turnkey solutions, providing luxury at an affordable cost.

Global Connects Media was a decision fueled by the need of the hour. Digital Marketing solutions was a sought-after option when every sector was affected by the Pandemic. The trust I had gained by my clients and the potential to rise above this situation, I decided to launch this company because I believed in supporting “Vocal for Local” projects.

I wish to be the change that inspires others to lead a better life of aspirations and the will to achieve them. To break free of a shackled, conservative society and a background that holds women back from even having the ambition to have ambition! I believe in the future where everyone is capable of choosing their own lives devoid of restrictions dictated by others. For that maturity, every child has to be fueled with the will to explore their mind, rather than having to limit the scope of imagination.”

Shruti Ladwa

Luxosy Interiors

Global Connects Media

Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed


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