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Subhamita Poddar Chakraborty

Founder - Impressions Obscura

Ai Dhai Deliveries

Born in a middle-class family, I'm the youngest daughter of my parents, with an elder sister. Though the beginning part of my childhood was smooth, as times passed, hardships occurred in the form of my mother was diagnosed with diabetes, at a very young age of her life and suffered a lot of complications throughout which my father struggled to make ends meet each day.

Though I am a photographer now, my interest in the field of art was with paintings. My photography was inspired by my father. Being an introvert I was never very good at interacting with people, so I chose to photograph candid moments of people on the streets. I would always doubt my capabilities and remember being more nervous than the bride on her big day. I am glad I pursued as my accolades and achievements helped in me accepting myself before anyone else.

I have also found peace within myself through cooking. There was absolutely nothing that cannot be cured with a great meal and just like my mother, I loved to cook for people.

It was always my dream to open a restaurant and so, to begin with, I became a home chef and channelized my photography skills to shoot cooking videos and photos. To hear my family say that my dishes are very similar to that of my mother's is an accomplishment as I lost my mother 4 months after I settled in at my new place. Now, the only thing left with me is her delicious recipes. This has motivated me towards my dream of a restaurant. I'm sure someday, I will achieve it.

Amidst the chaos, I have admired the love between my parents. They will always be my inspiration. Even after all the hardships, they have faced, not for a single moment had I seen them lose faith in each other. And I can proudly say that it is for them, I have become the woman I am today.

There's one more person who inspires me every day, my husband. People say that there's a woman behind a man's success but forget to mention that most women choose a successful man. I can proudly say that behind my success, there's a man like my husband and the blessings of my parents.

I am usually the person behind the camera or in the background but my family’s faith in me, the support of my husband and the blessings of my parents are what make me today and I am glad to be among those who did not give up. I have learnt that it is very important to walk the journey even if the roads are difficult. Inspire yourself before you become someone else's inspiration.

Subhamita Poddar Chakraborty


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