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The Modern Drape

Draping our favourite saris gives us immense joy, but we often tire wearing it the same way time and again. Here are some celebrity drapes to up your style game:

The Mumtaz

This retro style was made popular by actor Mumtaz and is a great festive look for a sexy chiffon saree with a bling border.

The Cape Drape

A matching cape teamed with a sari is draping technique which adds pizazz to your look. Choose your desired saree and look for a cape that has been stitched so that you can dress it up.

The Pant-Saree

Saree pants are a trendy look that we can't get enough of. It's chic and neutral, and it's aimed at fashionistas who want to stand outs.

The Angrakha Drape

Inspired by Mughal garments, this striking way of draping a Royal Angrakha is not only in fashion but stunning!

Dhoti Style Drape

Not only does a dhoti drape look great with winter blazers and jackets, its a comfortable and high fashion way to glam up a look.

Neck Wrap Style

You can wrap the pallu around your neck or wear it like a trendy scarf. Combine this with a handwoven piece to give the saree a modern twist.

The Belted Drape

All you need for this look is a statement belt to cinch your waist. It adds a modern and edgy twist to the traditional saree look.

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