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What's new in the Beauty Industry?

Retail therapy is a huge part of the festive season and all the brands have a bandwagon of offers to cater to one and all. From launching new collections to having huge discounts on existing products, their aim is to grab your attention and indulge you in a shopping spree with them. If anything, the past year has made us all the more mindful about the kind of products we choose for ourselves. This also gave birth to various business opportunities and a boost to existing brands who have been striving hard to make a mark with their organic beauty products. People aren't hesitate anymore to invest in premium beauty care products as long as the desired results are achieved.

Anveya, the premium quality hair and skincare brand offers result-driven products which could be a part of your daily care routine. Maintaining proper skin and hair during festival time can be time-consuming but not necessarily a tedious process. Fighting against dust and sweat has always been a numero uno problem for people with all types of skin and hair. From shampoos and conditioners to serums and oils, they have something for everyone. Their products like compressed oils, vitaliser, and essential oils have been the top choice for customers this festive season. Their sister brand, ThriveCo., has recently launched BeardKit, Hydrating Gel, Face Wash and Sunscreen which has already won a lot of hearts. Having a post-festive routine at night to cleanse, nourish and replenish your skin is as vital as oxygen. Your skin needs to breathe just like you do and these cruelty and paraben-free products should definitely be on your essentials shopping list. Customers tend to have an inclination towards brands and products when they are endorsed by known and trusted faces. Influencer marketing has proved to be a huge boon to the brands looking to cater to a larger clientele than ever before. Beauty products come with various promises but only a few can stand the test of time. It is extremely important to know the details of the products you would like to buy. Right from the sourcing of the ingredients to the manufacturing process to the raw materials used for the packaging, one should know the product in and out. This conscious buying is not only because you will be applying the products on yourself but it should also be for the sustainability of nature. The world is going the sustainable way and it's time we as responsible humans do our bit to preserve the environment more than ever before. This festive season, the main focus is on sustainability and keeping the same thing in mind, brands are pitching their products by roping in relevant celebrities and influencers who could spread awareness about the same. Everyone is doing their bit to preserve nature, and it only makes sense to jump on the environmental bandwagon.

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