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Zee Zest’s FIT FAB FEAST with Huma Qureshi

Zee Zest, India’s newest and leading lifestyle channel has launched its newest show titled Fit Fab Feast with Huma Qureshi that promises to serve the wonder and curiosity of viewers who seek to delve into what makes one a ‘celebrity’. Led by the stunning movie actor Huma Qureshi, the show captures the aspirational celebrity lifestyle through her journey and experiences with Fitness, Food and Fashion.

Premiered earlier this month, the show is completely shot in 4K and is Zee Zest’s first to be anchored by a prominent Bollywood icon. It resonates with the viewers’ aspiration to lead a glamorous life and know what goes into making that happen. The vivacious and talented actor showcases her effortless glides through the spotlight, the challenges of keeping up with the hottest styles, health mantras & haute cuisine. Fit Fab Feast with Huma Qureshi also dives into a bandwagon of experts whose holistic solutions add the right amount of glitz to her endless grit and passion. From dressing up with designer Payal Singhal, stylists Pernia Qureshi and Mohit Rai to sweating it out with celebrity fitness specialists Namrata Purohit, Yasmin Karachiwala and Shivoham, the show serves as an eye-opener to the consistent commitment and zeal required for maintaining the benchmark of the life as a celebrity.

Hailing from Delhi, Huma moved to the financial capital in 2010 to kick start her acting career. She’s won hearts through her spontaneity and several accolades with her sincere performances. Filled with gratitude for her journey, she is thrilled by this exciting new turn. An ecstatic Huma says “This show has given me the opportunity to connect with the audience in a more meaningful way. While my film work shows the aspirational element, they often miss depicting the real balance a film actor needs to power through all spheres of her life. One may have seen my airport, gym and awards night looks, but Fit Fab Feast goes beyond the surface to emphasize all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to perfect a look or a performance with equal élan.”

A strong advocate for body-positivity, Huma is unafraid to try new things that nourish her body, mind and soul. Through the show, she shares her immersive experiences with early morning Yoga, a session of kickboxing with Krishna Shroff and self-defence Judo lessons at Akshay Kumar’s Academy. Across episodes, she’s seen attempting sweaty, demanding, edgy exercises that offer a packaged dose of motivation and entertainment to all the viewers. And for those who wonder where she derives the energy to keep up with planks, panache and paparazzi – the show answers that with a dedicated segment where Huma is seen indulging in mostly nutritious and absolutely delicious food prepared by some of the most noteworthy chefs of the city, and on occasion by Huma herself!

We all know that to be remarkable you have to look the part. Huma is styled and groomed by some of her closest industry friends that completes her overall exuberance and persona. Huma has proved her mettle as an actor with her versatile roles and while she savors her place in the sun, she also craves newer and more unique experiences. The actor is invited by the most renowned stylists and couture experts from the globe to experience and experiment with fashion for different moods and milieu. From dressing up for a Sangeet ceremony with Manish Malhotra, a lavish dinner date with her brother Saquib Qureshi to completely transforming her look with Kromakay - she has the Demands of a Diva and they… the perfect sartorial answer.

- Tang Magazine


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