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Anil Kumble takes up Yuvraj Singh's 'keep it up' challenge


Bengaluru, May 19 2020 - Former Indian captain Anil Kumble juggled a tennis ball on his hand and simultaneously took a pledge that he will continue to stay at home as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus.

Kumble's post read: "Thanks @harbhajan_singh for the challenge. Have modified a bit.. I nominate @VVSLaxman, @VirenderSehwag and @KLRahul11 to spread the message of #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe."

So far, Tendulkar, Rohit and Harbhajan have participated in Yuvraj's challenge as it continues to reach other former and current cricketers through the nomination process.

Earlier, Yuvraj vowed to stay at home as long as possible to ensure limiting the spread of coronavirus while juggling the ball.

"In these challenging times, I am committed to staying at home to prevent the spread of #COVID-19 and will #KeepItUp as long as it is required," he had said in the caption to the video.


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