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Beijing 2022 holds live-stream interviews to recruit new employees


Beijing, April 29 2020 - The Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will add new blood as it plans to recruit about 60 employees throung online interviews.

The BOCOG held live-stream interviews with more than 400 candidates from around the world on Wednesday after it launched campus recruitment on December 17 last year and more than 5000 people signed up, reports Xinhua news agency.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the BOCOG gave up holding a centralized written test after the Spring Festival and screened the job applicants through online evaluation, resume screening and comprehensive evaluations instead.

More than 400 candidates finally passed the priliminary evaluation and made it to the interview stage.

In the live-stream interview sessions, there were 12 online examination rooms and 12 online waiting rooms, each of which had one main examiner, one professional examiner, one human resource examiner, one language examiner and one psychological examiner.

Candidates entered the online waiting room for examination within the specified time, and entered the online testing room for interview in sequence. The interview time for each candidate was 15 minutes. The scores were calculated on site.

Starting with smaller events would be the way to go to restart sports after the coronavirus pandemic, according to a public health advisor to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Sports across the world has come to a standstill due to the pandemic, leading to huge financial losses to organisers and hosts at various levels.


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