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Featherstone re-elected as global representative to ICC committee


Dubai, May 20 2020 - Brazils Matt Featherstone has been re-elected as the global representative of the Non-Voting Associate Members to the Development Committee of International Cricket Council (ICC).

As per procedure, the five regional representatives elected Featherstone for a two-year period that culminates on March 31, 2022. This is his second consecutive term as the global representative, having started his first term in July 2019.

"It has been an interesting introduction for me to the role and more could have been done but for COVID-19. I thank my colleagues for electing me once again and I hope to do my best in the coming months," Featherstone said as per an ICC media release.

"It is important in these unprecedented times that all the associate representatives of the ICC work together for all the associate members, whether voting or non-voting. A lot of thought and action needs to go into bringing the game back on track and we are all in it together."

The five regional representatives were themselves elected by the Non-Voting Associate Members in each region in accordance with the process approved by Imran Khwaja, Chairman of the associate members.

Apart from Featherstone, who represents the Americas, the four other Regional Representatives are Dipankar Sengupta of Mozambique (Africa), Mohamed Aflah of Maldives (Asia), Faisal Khan of the Philippines (East Asia Pacific) and Andrew Armitage of Finland (Europe).


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