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Nadal feels 2020 tennis season is 'practically lost'


Madrid, May 5 2020 - Spain tennis star Rafael Nadal feels the entire 2020 season will be lost due to the coronavirus pandemic and players can only return to the court next year. The entire sporting calender of the world has taken a massive hit due to the outbreak of the virus.

"I hope we can return before the end of the year but, unfortunately, I don't think so," Nadal was quoted as saying by El Pais.

"I would sign up to being ready for 2021. I'm more worried about the Australian Open than what occurs at the end of this year.

"I think 2020 is practically lost. I hope we can start up again next year, I really hope that's the case," he added.

Nadal recently returned to training in a long time and he expressed his happiness about things getting better slowly and steadily.

"I have been able to train in a private house because I am not sure if I can go to the academy. So I preferred to avoid any confusion and go to a friend's private country house," Nadal was quoted as saying by La Voz De Galicia as per

"Luckily it seems that little by little we are containing this disaster. Since yesterday we can go for a walk, something so simple that we always take it for granted but we enjoy it again."


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