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People would boo: Joshua rules out Tyson fight


London, May 31 2020 - British heavyweight boxing star Anthony Joshua categorically ruled out any chance of fighting the legendary Mike Tyson. Tyson has been hinting at making a comeback to the ring for exhibition matches and Joshua said that he himself would be booed if he ended up getting the better of Tyson.

'With all due respect I wouldn't," Joshua told The Sun. "Even if I fought Iron Mike and beat him, I think I'd be the only one cheering. People would boo. He is a legend. He is the greatest boxer of the modern era.

"There are only two recognised champions the world knows of, Ali and Mike Tyson a" the most recognised faces in the world when it comes to boxing."

Joshua, who currently holds four of the five heavyweight titles, said that he idolised Tyson in his younger days.

"I see it like this " how old is David Beckham, 44, 45?

"If you see him in ten years kicking a ball, doing 100 kick ups, a round-the-world and hitting the crossbar and then an overhead volley into the top corner, people would love it.

"But because Mike Tyson is the embodiment of like, the killing machine, he hits the pads for 15 seconds and the whole world goes crazy, it is normal.

"It is what Tyson knows. But for him to fight...would you be shocked if Beckham came back? You would. But for boxers it's all they know," he added.


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