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Google AdMob most popular mobile ads platform in India


New Delhi, May 11 2020 - Google AdMob is the most popular mobile advertising platform in India, followed by Appnext and InMobi in the second and third positions, respectively, a Counterpoint Research study said on Monday.

Among app developers who use advertising as a main source of revenue, about 61 per cent are using Google AdMob, while 13 per cent use Appnext and 12 per cent use InMobi, revealed the research.

The study also revealed that more than half the mobile app developers have tried to monetise app data. Among developers who have not tried to monetise app data in the past, almost half of them are interested in doing so in the future.

Working as an "outsourced app development partner" for other companies is another major source of revenue for app developers in India.

Smartphone original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are playing an important role as a medium for app developers to capture or maintain customer base through the pre-installation of apps, said the study.

Developers use OEM-level deeply integrated app customisation or optimisation to provide a better user experience.

Almost half the app developers have worked with smartphone OEMs in the last two years to create deeper integration in their apps, according to the Counterpoint "Consumer Lens" study.

"The existing Android developer ecosystem is a huge added advantage for Google. Additionally, easier integration and better monetization are two main factors where AdMob is leading over the others," Senior Analyst, Pavel Naiya, said in a statement.

"Other important factors like security features, fraud detection, better reach, multiple ad format support, and affiliated revenue sharing make Google AdMob more attractive to mobile app developers."

The research also pointed out that Facebook's investment in Jio Platforms Limited opens up the possibility of the emergence of a new mobile advertisement platform serving ads to users beyond its app ecosystem and reaching close to 400 million Jio users.

For the study, an enterprise-level survey was conducted with mobile app developers in India across top cities.


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