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Zomato now shows body temperatures of delivery partner on app


New Delhi, April 15 2020 - Food delivery platform Zomato on Wednesday launched a new safety feature where users can now see the body temperature of their delivery partner on its app.

Available on the order tracking screen, this feature will capture the temperature checked before the delivery partner picks up an order for delivery.

"Checking delivery partner's temperature adds another layer of precautions and we are glad that our restaurant partners have been embracing this feature widely. We hope to expand it to a larger base of restaurants by next week," Mohit Sardana, COO- Food Delivery, Zomato said in a statement.

Zomato restaurant partners, along with setting up sanitation stations for delivery partners, will now be using temperature sensors to check the body temperature of the delivery partner and will only hand over the order if it is found to be within the normal range.

Earlier, Zomato announced a Gold Support Fund with the aim of supporting restaurant workers who are facing the possibility of losing their livelihoods due COVID-19 shutdowns.

With this initiative, all proceeds from the purchase of Zomato Gold annual memberships in April will go towards supporting restaurant housekeepers, cooks and servers as well as their families in these uncertain times, Zomato said.


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