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          We bring to our readers our new venture TANG Magazine which endeavours to bring forth stories of accomplishment, grit, survival and endurance of women achievers, women leaders and women revolutionaries who are constantly inspiring and motivating others to step out of their comfort zones and pursue their dreams. We believe that every woman has a story to share which is unique and compelling. Our aim is to appreciate and acknowledge the exemplary work of all those gems who created a niche for themselves despite parochial objections, limited facilities and a prohibitive environment. Thus TANG will be that trailblazer of remarkable milestones forged in the TANG of life, the forerunner of legends made in the TANG of tough times,  promising to propel you with the TANG of women visionaries.

          Our spotlight is on women and their untold stories, but our readership is not restricted to women. Without any gender discrimination we want to entertain our audiences by filling our pages with articles on current affairs, technological breakthroughs, scientific progress, parenting, sports, health and wellness, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, culture and happening events around you.

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