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Ed Sheeran gives music lessons to school kids


London, May 11 2020 - Singer Ed Sheeran is using the lockdown time to do various things, including giving music lessons to school kids.

The 29-year-old answered questions as well as taught the children to play some of his hits, such as "Perfect" on guitar, reports

Timothy Spoerer, music director at Ecclesbourne Primary School, Thornton Heath, South London, surprised children in a Zoom call with his star friend.

Ed told them: "I basically wasn't very smart at school I thought I was an idiot for a very long time.

"I couldn't do maths, science and English and I was told to be successful in life you had to do those things.

"I loved playing music, that's what made me happiest. My dad always said to me, �If you want to be a musician work really hard at it'.

"I wanted to make music my job but it was a lot of hard work and struggling; essentially the way I got my income and paid my bills was by playing covers at weddings."

He went on to say he wouldn't be releasing music any time soon, adding: "Not for a while some time next year. I need a year off not doing anything. Getting back to normal life."


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