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How to avoid hospitals during Virus Outbreak


29th April 2020 - Current times and situations are quite stressful as we are required to stay safe from the rising pandemic that is Corona Virus. Many countries are practicing lockdown of their facilities and institutions while some are observing self-imposed quarantine.
Another major step in observing quarantine and maintaining social distance is Hospitals and our health. At this time, the only place you would want to feel safe and receive treatment in case you are ill or have contracted something is the hospital. But with rising need of sanitized quarantine facilities, more and more hospitals and clinics are converted into isolation wards for Corona patients and some hospitals are even considering shutting down emergency services.
We get it, the stress and anxiety and the decisions everybody has to take is crucial and would require split second decisions in the wake of a necessity. Those patients who need constant hospice care, or even some expectant mothers are all at risk of contracting a virus that may possibly be deadly depending on their immunity. True, some situations can be tackled whilst staying indoors and maintaining social distance, some may need to alter their course of action depending on available resources.
Following are some ways to think of, when in need of medical attention and to avoid hospitals and the risk of contracting Corona Virus infections:
1. It is primarily important to build up on immunity and stay protected from any viral and infections that can easily be transmitted. Even if it�s the common cold, or flu, or any sort of infection that can weaken your immune system.
2. In case of ongoing medical conditions and requirements, it is smart to speak with your doctor or medical professional the risk of avoiding hospitals during this time.
3. If you are patient that requires constant medical attention or will need in the coming few days, speak with a medical professional the possibilities and risks of staying home or what could be the safest way to seek required services.
4. Gather knowledge on the extent of medical assistance required for you or for someone you know. Read up, prepare yourself for situations.
5. Safe way to avoid hospitals is to stock up on medicines and antibiotics as much as you can to avoid spreading or contracting germs.
6. Collect information on medical institutions that may extend service to you or someone you know in times of need. Preferably closer to your home or convenient location that doesn�t break protocol of social distancing.
7. If the need arises to go to a medical facility, follow all necessary safety precautions and follow necessary steps to ensure your safety and of those around you.
8. Contact emergency helplines and personnel who can assist you in the comfort of your home in the case of any medical emergencies.
9. The best way is to boost your immunity and staying indoors to prevent further complicating the problems.
10. Making a decision based on your condition to seek medical help or to let others in dire need to be attended by medical professionals.


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