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Brands Listening to the Planet

Brands Listening to the Planet

Ethical living is key to human existence in the next few years. Polar ice caps are melting, ozone layers expanding and oceans being poisoned with oil spills and endless plastic wreckage. It's time then we change our ways and adapt to cleaner and greener means of existence. An increasing number of industries have been making the careful shift to eco-friendly, recyclable and sustainable systems and it is about time. A testament to this is the steadily growing demand for natural and environment-friendly products that a large number of brands are scrambling to meet.
Flipkart, for example, have spearheaded initiatives towards sustainability. The introduction of eco-friendly paper shreds, replacing poly pouches with recycled paper bags, replacing bubble wraps and airbags with carton waste shredded material and 2 Ply roll are small changes that make a huge difference. Here's a compilation of brands that have joined the eco-friendly brigade, and for good.

Mi Organic Solid T-Shirt
Here's a committed step towards providing sustainable, eco friendly fashion. Smartphone and TV brand Xiaomi bring to you these simple, basic tees made of 100% organic cotton. Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards, its manufacturing ensures the cotton grown is free of any kind of pesticides. The tags on all the t-shirts are embedded with holy basil seeds which can be sown directly in the soil once you're done wearing them. Even the packaging is eco friendly - the Cora Cotton bag these tees come in are made of 100% cotton, 100% eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable and they cost a mere INR 499.

Love Organically
Single-use water bottles have become an environmental plague, and consumer behaviour has shifted to the organic way of living, hence more and more beauty products are doing away with the use of chemicals altogether. The desire for better grooming and social consciousness are increasingly shaping choices in the market, and there is a visible shift in people wanting to opt for more environment-friendly products. Indian beauty brand Love Organically manufactures organic products that are pure, natural and 100% chemical-free, believing staunchly that "Green is the new Black"!

Nike Revival Apparel
The Nike Revival collection extends NIKE, Inc.'s Move to Zero, a journey toward a zero carbon and zero waste future, and related circular design principles to apparel design. The collection is a gender-neutral take on classic silhouettes, including a full-zip hoodie, crew, T-shirt, joggers and shorts, and a women's dress. All garments are conceived with a blend of at least 75 percent recycled and organic fibres. The conscious reduction of wastage starts at the design floor itself, marking garments better by working with squares and triangles. The process forms a subtle, yet dynamic new aesthetic, while reducing wastage. The use of undyed colour and producing fleece from the previous season's scraps is another feather in their eco-friendly cap!

ASICS Runners Face Cover
With social distancing being the name of the game in current times, ASICS has developed a mask for runners who want to run without suffocating. The ASICS Runners Face Cover is designed with technology that gives runners space to breathe with comfort so they can perform at their best. The cherry on the cake here is the fact that the design is not only comfortable, it's sustainable too. Produced with approximately 31% recycled materials, it's breathable, washable, and water repellant to survive those long runs you've been planning now that the rainy season is almost over.

Adidas x Parley
What a satisfying feeling knowing that you're wearing highly fashionable shoes that were made from 11 recycled plastic bottles retrieved from the ocean. Adidas takes upcycled marine plastic waste, found along the coast, and uses it instead of virgin plastic. Check ocean pollution and run like the wind with these without being guilty of contributing to a landfill somewhere. With prices starting from INR 15,999, these kicks save the environment from sinking up. With their signature BOOST tech by their side, performance while running in the Parley shoes is guaranteed.

FOSSIL The Sustainable "Solar Watch"
'Pro Planet' is the mantra to live by. The watchmakers want to make 100% of their products to meet their pro-planet criteria by 2025, and the Sustainable Solar Watch is the first step towards achieving their goal towards sustainable fashion. The Solar Watch comes with five pull-through straps, which are made with yarn spun from approximately 16 plastic bottles, that is 16 fewer bottles in a landfill, or an ocean, and one step closer to a greener future. The outer ring of the watch case acts as a solar panel, capturing light and converting it to energy using a solar cell beneath the dial. It then stores the energy in a rechargeable battery that powers the movement of the watch. Once fully charged, the Solar Watch runs for about 4 months.

Megha Monga Anand

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