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Alia Bhatt strikes a chord and invokes a positive change with Mohey Ad

Alia Bhatt features in Mohey's digital film campaign which strives for a balance between tradition and equality, while celebrating the happy union of marriage. Bhatt headlines the campaign starring in the video fueled with emotions, which celebrates brides and families who rethink wedding traditions in modern times, to redefine into progressive ones. In a refreshingly new manner, the film presents a small but significant gesture of respect and equality. Mohey is one of India's leading women's bridal wear brands that redefines rituals by adding a new gesture of respect. A change from Kanyadaan to Kanyamaan. In India, weddings are all about rituals and traditions. The 'Kanyadaan' is an age-old ritual which has been an intrinsic part of our society. Highlighting the conventional thought behind this ritual, the video tries to promote a more inclusive and equal space for women in marriage and in life. Through the film, Alia talks about a new idea that creates a union between the ritual itself and its underlying thought process placed in modern context. Completely adhering to our traditions and being reverent to our rituals, this film at the same time takes a modern stance on the conventional belief. Heralding a paradigm shift in our mindset from considering a girl child to be a liability, the film talks about sharing each other's responsibility and journeying through thick and thin not only together but equally. The film ends with a small but significant gesture of respect and proposes a beautiful change from Kanyadaan to Kanyamaan. Adding to the thought, the very revered Alia Bhatt shared, "I absolutely believe in this thought and this is something very close to my heart. I am glad that I could be a part of this film and convey a message that might bring about a positive change in the society."

"Mohey has always symbolized the progressive women of our society. Through this commercial, we have tried to bring about a shift in the mindset of the general populace while being respectful and fervent towards our traditions and rituals," said Vedant Modi, CMO, Vedant Fashions Limited. Speaking about the making of the ad, the Director of Shreyansh Innovations, Shreyansh Baid opined, "we have always believed in progressive communication and our main thought behind making this film was to convey a strong message that is rooted in the rich Indian culture, and yet takes it a step forward by deriving inspiration from the new-age woman and the new-age society. With Alia onboard we have been able to create a communication that strikes a chord and invokes a positive change.


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