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An all-female exhibition by 7 Los Angeles and 1 Mumbai-based artist

"The Hourglass Overturned", an all-female exhibition by 7 Los Angeles and 1 Mumbai-based artist at Arushi Gallery. The show features a curated selection of artworks by Lindsay Dawn, Lindz Heppner, Leila Nazarian, Martha Solaz, Lindsey Nobel, Akshita Gandhi, Sophie Kipner and Amanda Flower.

For centuries, the female form has been depicted across all visual mediums. From Ancient Greece to the Renaissance to Abstract Expressionism, the female body can be seen time and time again. And despite the fact that women were the subject matter, these images were primarily created by male artists and not by women themselves. Historically, female artists have been forced to exist in the shadows in favour of their male counterparts, often remaining uncredited, ignored, or excluded from art historical narratives.

The art world has procrastinated on not only including female artists but female leadership as well. As we progress further into the 21st century, this male-driven narrative is slowly beginning to evolve into a more inclusive one. We are beginning to see a shift in not only including and developing emerging female artists but also a plethora of female-led institutions, art dealers, and curators stepping up. "The Hourglass Overturned" focuses on displaying the distinct style and artistic journey of each of the featured artists. Hailing from all corners of the globe, each artist is able to express their unique background and life experiences through their work.

The goal is to not only empower these artists but to empower women everywhere to continue to shine and never give up in the face of adversity. Akshita Gandhi is a multimedia artist based in Mumbai. She holds an MFA from the Lotus Institute in Dubai. By merging social, historical, and mythological concepts her work concentrates on breaking out of stereotypical gender roles, grappling with the history of colonialism, and self-empowerment. In the mixed media painting, lightbox, and poetry series Freedom, I Read Banned Books (2019-) she advocates breaking free from patriarchal structures. Working with photography, painting, and collage using light as a guiding principle Gandhi's work speaks to the transformative power of artistic practice.

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