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Are accessories key in styling your outfits in 2022?

Since the dawn of time, accessories have been the ultimate form of self-expression. They are, without a doubt, the mediums that complete our ensembles. Fashion, as well as styles and trends, are constantly changing, and accessories are the fundamental elements that distinguish each individual's distinct style. A basic white shirt and denim can be dressed up or down with rhinestone-studded tiny accessories for a more elegant look, or hefty chain link accessories for a more streetwear look. When it comes to styling, it's the accessories that make or break a look. The year 2021 was defined by Genz trends and Y2K fashion, and it undoubtedly prepared us for the year 2022, which would be filled with all things delightful. Every trend that began during the pandemic will continue to shock the public. 70s charms, florals, wacky colours, pastel pops, signet rings, the art of layering, tiny pendants, and anything extravagant should be expected this year. "Accessories will always remain a key component in fashion, and I believe they have the power to transform both your outfit and your outlook. They are the tiny details that accentuate and differentiate every individual's style. We intend to change the perception of watches from being mere gadgets to being a versatile and fashionable accessory, "says Maya Varma, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Joker&Witch. Seasons change, and so do fashions, but self-expression remains constant. The possibilities in fashion are limitless: "If clothes are the canvas, then accessories are the paint." Styling is about experimenting, expressing yourself, and being creative, and accessories help you do so in a variety of ways, allowing you to break into the fashion industry's mainstream.

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