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Bhumi Pednekar: I'm diehard supporter, lover of makeup

Bollywood actress and environmentalist Bhumi Pednekar has been named as India's first M.A.C global cosmetics brand ambassador due to her efforts towards climate conservation, sustainability and her body of work. Bhumi has professed her love for makeup in a quick chat with IANS. "I am a diehard believer, supporter and lover of makeup. I can't even remember how old I was when I delved into the world of beauty," she said. The actress added that she has been around women, who love the world of beauty as much as she did and "I guess it was their influence along with how positive, fun and creative makeup can be, that completely engulfed me and continues to do so till date. It actually is therapy for me." Being the first Indian personality who has been appointed as the face of a brand like M.A.C makes the 32-year-old actress feel extremely "honoured and proud". I've been a makeup lover since I was very young, so I feel extremely honoured and proud of myself. I was someone who would collect her pocket money to go buy her favourite M.A.C lipstick or foundation. And from that to actually becoming the face of the brand, it feels like an achievement and that life has come a full circle," she said. The actress says for her, the pillars of the brand are built on such as "inclusivity, diversity, community and social responsibility" are something that she personally really resonate with. To be recognized for a cause for the betterment of the world and being rewarded like this, must be a great validation? "Absolutely! I feel that anybody who is an influencer or in the place of power, needs to use their influence and power for the betterment of the society," she said. The actress added: "You have to be compassionate, and you have to understand that even if you influence one person into having a more responsible attitude, it's a big achievement. I am full of gratitude when I get the amount of love I do and I am going to continue my work on and off screen." Speaking about her upcoming slate of work, Bhumi will be seen in 'Badhaai Do' with Rajkummar Rao, 'Raksha Bandhan' starring Akshay Kumar and 'Mr Lele' alongside Vicky Kaushal.

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