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Empowered women empower women: Katrina Kaif

India's first celebrity makeup brand by actor Katrina Kaif, Kay Beauty, in partnership with Nykaa, completes two glorious years. A passion project close to Katrina's heart, the brand was consciously created to resonate with real women and men everywhere.

As a true reflection of an inclusive brand curating products for everyone, Kay Beauty bridges the gap between high glamour and care, encouraging beauty to be enjoyed without guilt. #MakeupThatKares, is a makeup collection where each product has specific 'care' ingredients to nourish the skin, while at the same time delivering a long wear, high performance finish. As part of its second anniversary celebrations, the brand brings its core message to life through a photo and video series featuring real people and reiterating its belief that ItsKayToBeYou!

True to the brand, this special series focuses on the beauty that lies within diversity and inclusivity, featuring people from different walks of life such as Tarun Panwar, Zoya Thomas Lobo, Anah Shaikh, Lasya Kahli Singh, Atasi Sindal, Ketaki Pimplekhare, and Prarthana Jagan along with Katrina Kaif.

"Kay Beauty is nothing short of a dream come true. Today, I proudly look back to the time when it all came alive, and to this journey that would have been incomplete without my beloved Kay Community. Kay Beauty proudly stands for inclusivity, a value that shines through all our campaigns and products. It has always urged people to accept their imperfections and insecurities with a positive approach. It has been a wonderful two years and we have grown every step of the way. It will always be our endeavour to spread the message, 'ItsKayTwoBeYou' -- inspiring women to celebrate themselves. I am so proud of what we have achieved so far and I'm truly excited for the journey ahead."

IANSlife caught up with the Bollywood star to get her thoughts on the anniversary celebrations and the future of the brand:

Q: From model, to actor, to entrepreneur -- which part of the journey has been the most challenging and fulfilling?

A: To me, challenges are fulfilling! And so, every part of my journey has been, both, challenging as well as fulfilling. I've loved every minute of being an actor and I'm learning new things along my entrepreneurial journey every day. These are exciting times for me!

Q: What led you to invest in Kay beauty and are you happy with the returns?

A: Two things were my primary motivators to invest in Kay Beauty. One, beauty is a space I have always wanted to explore. Two I am constantly striving to bridge the gap between affordability and aspiration for the Indian woman. Nykaa is a brand that echoes my sentiments and the synergy between us was on-point! I am thrilled with the popularity that Kay Beauty has seen over the last two years. Thank you for all the love and always remember... it's kay to be you!

Q: How important is it for women to support and enable each other?

A: I strongly believe that amazing things happen when women support, empower and enable each other to be the best version of themselves. Empowered women empower women. And the more we empower each other, the more empowered women there are in the world!

Q: The beauty industry is driven by self-worth... do you agree and why?

A: Fashion and beauty, to me, have always been about self-expression. The world will be a better and kinder place if we all embrace our own unique sense of individuality and celebrate ourselves. Having said that, the definition of beauty in society has evolved. We have come a long way from changing who we are to fit a boxed-in mould of beauty standards, to embracing what truly makes you beautiful in your own unique way. I think it's great that the beauty industry is promoting the concept of self-love and self-worth. It is definitely the need of the hour!

Q: Your favourite Kay Beauty products?

A: My favourite Kay Beauty products include the Kay Beauty Kajals and Kay Beauty Lipsticks.

Q: Nykaa just launched its IPO, it is a proud moment, what are your thoughts?

A: My association with Nykaa has given me a platform to help bring my dream alive while also giving wings to millions of women across the country and for that, I'm ever grateful. The IPO will only power the brand, even more, to make more dreams come true. I am extremely happy and proud that the brand has launched its IPO.

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