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Fujifilm India - ‘NEVER STOP Creating Memories’ campaign

Fujifilm India Private Limited, a pioneer in imaging technologies, today announced the launch of its Imaging brand campaign for its globally proclaimed corporate branding campaign “NEVER STOP” in India. The campaign focuses on creating brand awareness for its best-in-class imaging products along with shedding light on the importance of creating shared memories that can be printed and preserved in our book of memoirs forever.

Conceptualised by Cheil India, the new film titled, ‘Never Stop creating memories’ highlights the joy of making memories amidst the hustle-bustle of everyday life. The campaign, through its engaging emotions tries to spread the message of being in the moment, capturing that memory and creating shared experiences of culture, tribe and belongingness.

With this campaign Fujifilm wants to delve deep into the everlasting motif of how photography washes away the dust of everyday life. In today’s ever-changing world, people tend to overlook the daily mundane life and it passes by in jiffy. Through this campaign, Fujifilm tends to spread the message of being lost in the moment yet capturing that memory to preserve it for the stories that make us humans.

Storyboard: The film is a reflection of how the brand mirrors its values and convictions with the concept of Never Stop creating memories. The video begins with a young couple on an adventurous trip in the streets of a city. While exploring the destination through their touristy eyes, the two enter a colorful market, where they get separated amidst the crowd. In search of each other, the couple embarks on a parallel journey where they end up exploring the same corner of the city, but with different cameras and perspectives. While looking out for each other, they capture moments of everyday life with Fujifilm’s cutting edge cameras. The man, with his X-T4 shoots a rich shot of a beautiful wedding, black and white portraits, motion pictures and more. The woman, with her Instax Mini Liplay camera clicks the culture along with the cheerful moments between the people of the city. On her journey to capture some candid moments, she takes snaps of some delicious pastries in a beautiful bakery, lively friends and a drummer creating magical beats amongst various other things. Touched by the drummer’s musical abilities, she gives him his picture, taken from the instax mini Liplay as a keepsake of that memory. While roaming around the streets, the man comes across the drummer and realizes that the woman is around because he sees the instax instant picture clipped onto the drum. In the end the two unite and reminisce about the moments they captured and the memories they created. Throughout the video, the film encourages capturing that perfect shot and inspires ‘Never Stop’.

The digital film, conceptualised and created in collaboration with Cheil India will be premiered across key digital media platforms and leading OTT platform, Zee5.

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