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Fun Summer Date Ideas

The sun is shining and the air is filled with thrills and excitement. The sky is clear and full of stars, and there are numerous festivals and events to attend. So, don't be shy, put on your shorts, grab a glass of lemonade, and try out these summer date ideas:

Travelling stress-free

Depending on where you are from in India, the summer season can be harsh to unbearable. And when the scorching heat of the sun dries out every cell in your body, it's time to seek refuge in a cool place. Ladakh is one of the most interesting places on our list today. Ladakh, with its quiet and calm, beautiful lakes and mountainous scenery, is not only a "must visit once in a lifetime" destination; its monasteries, civilisation, and Buddhist chants will also transcend your soul, transporting it to unknown realms.

Forty-six per cent of male users on dating app QuackQuack users agree that biking in Ladakh with the one you love is not only an adrenaline rush but also helps with getting to know your partner.

Devikulam, a small town in Kerala not far from Munnar, is next on the list. It, too, has many tea plantations and a rich historical past, similar to Munnar. Goddess Sita is said to have bathed in the lake Devikulam, hence the name of this hill station. With its breathtaking views and beauty, it is also a popular picnic spot for many tourists.

Relaxing in a pool or spa

Bonding with your partner while de-stressing with a massage or a relaxing swim is one of the most effective ways to revitalise love and passion. Swimming with a partner increases serotonin levels in the body, which reduces stress, anxiety, and depression while also making you more sociable. It increases blood flow to all parts of your body and helps you relax, as well as lowering your body temperature during the summer heat.

A couple's massage where both of you can lie down on a chair or bed with your back relaxed, away from the worries of work and life, is a surefire way to connect romantically. The aroma of essential oils and incense sticks is guaranteed to lift your spirits and bring you closer to your partner.

Twenty-nine per cent of female QuackQuack users in the age group said that a couple's massage while on holidays not only makes you stress-free but brings you much closer to your partner.

Go for a drive and spend time together under the stars

We are so concerned with having the perfect date, planning ahead of time, and booking everything that we forget to enjoy the time we spend with our lover. This summer, avoid spending too much time thinking about how to plan precious moments. Just go on an impromptu road trip with your partner, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where everything has to be on time and pollution follows you everywhere. During a long drive, the silence and emptiness around you cause you to open up to your partner and share your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Another common but unusual idea is to watch a movie together. Whatever your mood is, a light-hearted Amol Palekar comedy or a romantic Shah Rukh Khan film is a great way to spend time with the one you love. Sitting on the couch with your arms around your partner while munching on popcorn is a great couple's activity, as is going to the movies to get out of the house for the evening. Later, you can both gaze up at the wide and twinkling summer sky in all its splendour. Almost 37 per cent users aged 30-40 say that watching a movie together is a simple yet intimate way to spend time together.

Take some bar lessons and make some delicious cocktails

Has anyone ever been let down by alcohol? Never! A class on how to mix and match various alcohols with fruit drinks and appetisers is not only a marketable skill, but it will also attract all the pretty ladies and hot guys. The art of carefully selecting which gin goes well with which flavoured syrup and spice on top is a skill few can master, and 29 per cent of female users admit that conversations about cocktails make people seem more interesting and make them want to learn more about them. Furthermore, a little dance behind the bar while selecting from the extensive selection of spirits is a crowd pleaser. So, what are you holding out for? Register for one of these classes now and make the most of these summer holidays!

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