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Greek Beauty Rituals by Global Beauty Secrets

The lush blue sky, the shimmering waters, the white buildings, and the floral and the fauna, rich cultural heritage makes it an ideal vacation destination. Greece, the classical Greek noun best translated to the English-language words "beauty" or "beautiful" was Kalos. The natural beauty of the country's residents makes everyone curious about their cultural beauty rituals and traditions. From applying thyme honey to exfoliating your knees with sea salt to using yoghurt as an AHA peel, these beauty rituals are quintessential, symbolising true femininity and grace. The Greeks have been known to be in tune with their body, emphasising more on physical beauty. Known for their beauty rituals, the ladies of ancient Greece were known to take their beauty game to its epitome.

Ancient Greek women looked up to Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty and fertility and had body ideals they liked to follow. While we leave the bodily journey to each of you, you can certainly achieve the Greek standard of porcelain skin with Global Beauty Secrets and experience ancient Greek beauty rituals the Greek way.

Yoghurt is not just healthy for your body but also for your skin. The Greeks have been using yoghurt on their skin since ancient times. It is considered a miraculous ingredient as it soothes the skin, moisturises it, and protects it from sunburn. It is also enriched with proteins, vitamins, and minerals that help shed dead skin cells. Lavender essential oil is very useful in aromatherapy and has a calming fragrance.

Used by the Greek surgeon Hippocrates for healing, activated charcoal was also known as 'Black Magic' because of its colour and effectiveness. Charcoal has long been known for its magically purifying and skin healing qualities. This clay mask has "activated'' charcoal particles that will help deep cleanse the toxins from your face while minimising pores and reducing excess oil from the skin, continuous use of this product may help combat acne problems and regulate oil production.

- Tang Magazine

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