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Here's how you can reuse your old traditional wear

Sarees and fabrics are generally passed on as heirlooms in our culture. Heavy, pure fabrics, heavy suits, sarees, and wedding lehengas -- mostly women tend to preserve these and pass them on to the next generation. These are special and hold a lot of memories which are often difficult to part with.

But, how often are we able to use those old clothes due to changing fashion? With new styles and trends coming in almost every season, it gets very difficult to wear the same outfit again and again.

How about we find a way to preserve them and also reuse them in a way that they don't get wasted and are also used efficiently? Interesting, right? Recycling old clothes into table runners, new clothes, cushion covers -- is not a new phenomenon. People have been doing it for ages. It is sustainable, economical and extremely cool to reuse, repurpose and recycle. Change the utility of the garment as per your need and make the most out of it. Keep reading to know some innovative ideas for repurposing salwar suits instead of discarding them.

The scope of recycling expands significantly when it comes to something as encompassing as a salwar suit. Repurposing vintage salwar suits can become a very fascinating and versatile DIY project.

Namrata Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Chinaya Banaras, shares some cool tips to reuse old outfits.

Mix and match and reuse the entire outfit: While salwar suits are mostly sold as a set -- shirt, dupatta, and a bottom; the current trend of wearing mismatched or contrasting outfits gives a scope of using each element of a salwar suit in a different outfit and create three more outfits!

Match your kurta with a different bottom and change the whole look. Add a different coloured dupatta to your existing suit and you have a new outfit. These small steps can give you a new look without burning a hole in your pocket and also reusing an existing garment. Did someone say sustainable fashion?

Reuse old salwar or kurti to make a dress: Here's another good one. Use your kurti or salwar to stitch in a different pattern. You can get a blouse made from your kurti or even a gown by putting together two elements. You can even make children's clothes from old salwar suits. It's a lot of fun to make new outfits out of old ones.

Repurpose to make furnishing items: Apart from using old clothes for making new outfits, you can even use them to make keepsake accessories for your home. Many times clothes cannot be fashioned into another dress. But instead of throwing it away, you can make different furnishing out of it. Kurtis with embroidered patterns makes for lovely wall hangings or photo borders. You can turn your old dupattas into curtains or beautiful backdrops. Tie-up techniques can also be used to turn your dupattas or kurti patches into super-cool pillowcases or cushion covers.

Throwing a garment is the easy option but think of where it's going to end up? Most likely in a pile of a dump. We need to be smart and use our old clothes in a fun way and that will also be our bit for our planet. Do not pass up the opportunity to have a little fun while reusing, restyling, and repurposing old salwar suits into new garments or artistic items.

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