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Home Design with Vastu-Approved Colours

There is a reason why phrases like “Paint the town red” and “feeling blue” are used so often. Colours impact our lives in multiple ways and we must carefully choose the hues we surround ourselves with. In our homes, we spend most of our time in the bedroom which is why it becomes crucial to choose the colour of the walls carefully.

Commenting on this, Pankaj Poddar, the co-founder of Hipcouch, says, “Colours are also assigned to bedrooms on the basis of direction. It is best to have your bedroom located in the South-West, West, North-West, or North direction of the house. If your bedroom is in the South-West direction, the ideal colour would be earthly brown or beige. This is the ideal direction of a bedroom. If the room is in the West direction, the proper colour choice would be blue or an ocean hue and if it is in the North-West direction, pick a neutral shade such as white or grey. If your bedroom faces North, choose a shade of green and if it faces East, pick a light shade of blue or the colour white.”

If you have a brand-new home or are thinking of redesigning your existing one, we know the perfect colour choices for different bedrooms, which are Vastu-approved. This means the right vibes and prosperity for you and your family.

Best Bedroom Colours as per Vastu:

1. PINK OR RED for couples

Pink, the colour romance, is the ideal colour for a newly-wedded couple. If you and your partner are trying to have a baby, this is the best fit. It is also believed that people who are facing difficulties in their relationship must opt for this colour.

However, if you and your partner have apprehensions about colouring the walls pink, you can opt for a light shade of pink and can pair it with a metallic colour such as copper. Just a touch of pink is enough to help you keep the romance alive, even after years. Coming to red, the colour of passion and love, it is a bold but great choice for the bedroom walls. The fiery red will never let excitement fade. Both red and pink are the colours of love and what you choose depends on what you think looks best in the room.

If you have a large room, we suggest going for the colour red. But if the room is medium-sized, go for a pink shade.

2. ORANGE for working professionals

Working professionals are driven by ambition. If you too are usually busy thinking about how to climb the corporate ladder, or how to make more profits in your business, we recommend painting your bedroom with a dash of orange.

The colour is known to represent ambition and it is believed that painting the southern wall of your bedroom with orange will help you achieve your professional goals. You will be motivated when you open your eyes in a brightly-coloured room each day. However, don’t over-indulge and use too much orange in your room.

Apart from ambition, the colour orange also stands for health and energy. However, if you are a short-tempered person, then orange might not be the best choice for you. You can opt for either a pastel shade, or the soothing purple. The colour purple is known to be a healing colour and helps to calm a person down. It also can use this colour in their bedrooms as it helps maintain calm and serenity in associated with happy, cheerful dreams. Hence, people who are short-tempered colour orange the room. If you often find yourself at loggerheads with people, avoid the colour orange.

3. GREEN for kids

Kids’ bedrooms need a colour that will help them focus on their studies and keep them inspired. At times, a child’s bedroom is also used as a study. Hence, a light shade of green is considered to be the perfect choice when it comes to kid’s bedrooms. Green is associated with growth, abundance, fresh thoughts and ideas. A child is like a seed, they grow continually. Hence the colour of growth, green, is the best option for the kids’ bedroom.

However, it must be noted that we are talking about the lighter shades of green here, not the dark ones. The dark ones might have the opposite effect and might drain the child of all their energies. You can also try having a pastel-green wallpaper for the kids’ room. Kids’ bedroom must be placed in the north direction, the one associated with growth.

4. YELLOW or BLUE for elderly parents

If there are elderly parents in the house, the best choice of bedroom colour for them will be yellow or blue. The direction from where the sun rises, east, is where the elderly parents’ bedroom should be placed. And the colour that goes the best in the east direction is the colour of the sun itself, yellow, which represents positivity.

On the other hand, blue is also a great option as it calms the mind and allows you to relax. However, avoid too much blue. Just a light touch of blue on one wall should be enough. Note that you must opt for a pastel or lighter shade of yellow or blue. The darker ones are not really the best match as they can make the room appear to be smaller. Also, the colours that are not recommended for an elderly couple’s rooms are fiery ones such as magenta, red or orange.

5. WHITE or GREY for guests

Give your guests the ultimate soothing experience by having their room painted white or grey. Yes, we know that white walls get dirty quicker and are not really easy to maintain but then, how often is a guest room used? It isn’t as frequent as a master bedroom. To infuse colour in the room, you may opt for blue or green curtains or even paintings. White and shades of a light colour help in creating a pleasant staying-in experience.

- Tang Magazine

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