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How to get a Tan - Indoors!

A quicker way to get tan, is indoor tanning, which promises a beautiful tan in only a few sessions. Getting a nice dark tan shade does have everyone in town going crazy about this new fad ! Who wouldn’t want to appear like they had just got back from the Caribbean with a beautiful tanned, drop-dead dark look? However, this new and sizzling trend has become much of a growing concern. There are pros and cons to everything, while everyone is so focused on looking like they had just got a nice tan from surfing or basking on the beach, people often overlook the aftereffects of something like this. The main component of this procedure is the ultraviolet light which contains radiations that are known to have a negative impact on the skin. These might cause photoaging and have also been implicated in skin cancers.

About 29.5 % of teenagers use indoor tanning (Health Day News); this seems like a small percentage but is actually growing quickly. Most people don’t understand the harmful effects of such practices because the short-term effects are the most satisfying. One of the false claims that the tanning industry advertises, is that tanning beds prevent cancers, such as prostate, lung, breast, colon, ovarian and pancreatic. These claims have been categorically rejected by the dermatology community.


There are places that have put a ban on indoor tanning. It is totally restricted in Australia and Brazil.

A number of risks are attached to it, like premature aging and fine lines. The platform of indoor tanning includes stalls of melanoma and weakening of the immune system and damage to the eyes. Canada, the European Union, New Zealand and the United States are some places where indoor tanning takes place but in a very restricted manner. Many of the salons which used to offer this facility have been closed or have removed it from their previous list of services provided by them.


If you still want to rock a party or have a dazzling look and want a nice clear tan, there are other places that one can go to as well. Self-tanning lotions or spray tans are the best option. All you have to do is choose a base lotion or oil with a low SPF. Slather a natural skin oil with a good base tan, turn your bodyover frequently, position yourself in direct sunlight. Use a reflective sheet to focus the sun, reapply the lotion or oil every two hours after contact with water. In the end apply an aloe-based moisturizer or a good lotion after tanning.

This point couldn’t be stressed more but to get a really nice tan, the best way is through the sun. It also helps you gain a lot of vitamin D and you can avoid the risk of skin cancer or any kind of damage to your body.

Even if getting tanned is the trend, one should always be comfortable in one’s own skin. So, launch your journey to authenticity and discover the beautiful “you”. This summer grab a Cosmo and enjoy the sunset with the rays falling on you like a blessing of relaxation.


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