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Kitchen Gadgets That Ease Up Your Life!

The last year saw us going through a situation so rare that it demanded us to step back, analyse and adapt. Homes that functioned as our tranquil refuge almost overnight converted into schools, workspaces, playground and much more. This was not the only thing that changed; the house-helps who carried out all our chores effortlessly also became unavailable. Multitasking home chores with work commitments was definitely a challenging period and while the situation may have gotten better, it certainly isn’t over! Here’s a list of our favourite gadgets that make sitting at home less hectic.

Aqua Mini Countertop Dishwasher by Häfele

Häfele added Aqua Mini Dishwasher to its Premium Range of Appliances, a product we all might have wished for in the past year but with a twist. The new model is not only a compact freestanding variant but also fits on your kitchen countertop with ease. Ideal for a family of 4 members, the new Aqua Mini Dishwasher can clean up to 75 utensils in one wash and comes equipped with Active Clean Technology which kills 99.99% of germs at a high-temperature wash. Its dedicated wash programs can be set to clean different types of utensils depending on the degree of soiling – from a highly soiled kadhai to a delicate wine glass, there is nothing Aqua Mini cannot clean, including itself! The self-cleaning program takes care of the dishwasher once it is done washing the utensil load for the day. The intuitive digital interface helps keep track of the time remaining for the wash cycle to complete and showcases details of the ongoing program.

Philips Mixer Grinder

The Philips Mixer Grinder-HL7777/00 is a high-performance silent mixer grinder. It’s an innovative home appliance that offers 50% reduction in sound power. Powered by a 750W motor with smart sensors and one-touch multifunctionality, this mixer grinder will provide 2X times better performance. The new product has been revolutionized by Philips following insights from consumers which pointed to Indian households increasingly demanding mixer grinders that provide a household environment with lower noise while delivering great performance. The mixer grinder comes with a powerful 750W motor programmed for optimum speed and embedded with smart sensors. This programmed speed enables better performance with less noise while grinding. Furthermore, the product’s innovative blend and carry jar doubles up as a sipper and retains freshness and antioxidants for 60mins after blending.

Amber Electric Toaster Machine

The 2-Slot Amber Electric Toaster Machine comes with 7 adjustable browning levels and enables you to not only prepare fresh crisp toasts but also to reheat the ones prepared previously. You can also defrost the freezer-stored bread in the toaster. The two-slot electric toaster machine is available in two contemporary colours – Jade (matte grey) and Opal (metallic red).

Haier Bar Refrigerator

The new range of bar refrigerators by Haier; the LC-138WB and LC-133K; is designed with Low-E (low-emissivity) transparent glass that reduces energy loss by up to 40 per cent. The anti-reflective coating on the glass reduces condensation thereby ensuring that the food is stored hygienically. The Low-E glass installed in the refrigerator is almost invisible to ensure better visibility and it is ideal for any kind of ambient light conditions.

With Haier’s new range of bar refrigerators, one can effortlessly access refreshments from any corner of their house. The aesthetically appealing interior of the refrigerator that has been designed to store a variety of items like wine, cakes, fruits or juices adds a dash of finesse and style to one’s living room or office space. The bar refrigerators are compact and small enough in size to fit just about anywhere.

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