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Perfume etiquette

Did you know that, like dining and other lifestyle etiquettes, there are some rules to wearing perfume? When choosing perfumes, we frequently consider our personality, tastes, and age. However, some people continue to use the same fragrance all year, which may not be the best practise. So, here are some pointers to help you choose your summer scent!

Why do you need a seasonal change of perfume?

With the changing of the seasons, each season has its own distinct notes and scents. Whether warm and seductive or fresh and fruity, each fragrance reveals a different side that not only reflects changes in external circumstances but may also reflect changes in your mood depending on the season.

How to choose a summer perfume:

  • An Indian summer season lasts from April to June, and like light and summer cool clothing our perfumes should be light too. It is suggested to make a switch towards fresh and refreshing floral fragrances. However, if you want to stay in the same family of fragrance then switch from Eau de parfum (which is for winters) to Eau de toilette or Eau fraiche (which is suited for summer season)

  • If you're new to this concept of choosing perfumes as per season, and want to pick something that makes you happy then here's an interesting way -- what do you love about summer is it the flowers or the gardens, do you love that fruity taste and are you a cocktail person or do you crave beaches and water? And based on what you may pick, think of opting that for a scent, such as floral, fruity martini and lychee, or can even choose aqua or marine notes etc.

  • Choose a different scent for the day and night: While you've gone light and bright during the day, in the night add more depth which could be through stronger notes or maybe you want to add sensuality. Try experimenting with sultry, musky, or spicy.

  • Follow a fragrance trail: Avoid mixing up scents, not suggesting only perfumes but follow the same note right from your body wash to your lotion, to your perfume. Doing so, will make you smell same rather than bringing out confused scents.

  • The sun can influence the fragrance a lot. In fact, you could avoid spraying perfume directly on your skin, regardless of its concentration, whether it is an Eau de parfum, an Eau de toilette, a fresh Eau, a cologne, or a summer water. Always spray it in the air.

  • Avoid picking up complex scents as they can also become overpowering during summer and our body odours. Keep it light by picking fragrances with fewer notes.

  • Make sure that the packaging specifies "Can be used in the sun" before you apply the perfume outdoors. Also, you can try buying miniatures or travel packs first before finalising what you need.

(Smriti Saxena, Lifestyle blogger)

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